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Jack is "As Good As It Gets"!


Was watching the movie "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson the other night. Can't believe it's already been almost 15 years since that first came out. My,time flies. I remember seeing this in the theater. Never really was a big Jack fan but I have to say this was an outstanding performance. As in a lot of James L Brooks' work the dialogue is not easy to listen to sometimes. It flows at a strange pace and your ear has to get used to it but wow...great performances. Loved Jack in "About Schmidt" too a few years back...now I know why he's paid the big bucks. 

I guess I get spoiled watching the old B&W's. My TV rarely leaves TCM. Joan Crawford,Barbara Stanwyck,Bette Davis,Bogie,William Holden,Jack Carson,Frankie S, Der Bingle....tooo many to name. I used to HATE old movies but as soon as I turned into my 30's I found myself watching more and more of them. The only black and whites I'd watched before then was the Three Stooges Stooges who I absolutely love,nyuk nyuk.


The world needs more movies like "As Good As It Gets"....quiet...thought provoking...subtle humor. Have not been to the theater in years...so tired of loud computer-generated garbage. Bring back dialogue...classy actors and I'll gladly contribute my 12 bucks at the box office.Lurking Take THAT,Hollywood!

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TenajComment by Tenaj - February 13, 2012, 7:45 pm
Lottolaugh me too. I hang on every word of Robert Osborne and was sad when he left and glad to see him return. I remember when AMC use to be the black and white channel.

I've always like classic movies. Even when I was real young. It's just something about them. But I just watched them then. I didn't pay attention to the actors until I met a friend who knew all of them. And it was fun learning.

I'm so good now that I can name the movies by the cast and the character actors as well. The actors were under contract in those days and a lot of the same ones made lots of movies together. You'd see some of the same people in different movies together. Like Greer Garson and Walter Pridgeon.

Some of my favorite character actors that you see in just about all the movies are Dame M. Whittey, Edmund Gwenn, C. Aubrey Smith, Henry Tavers, Thomas Mitchell. Agnes Morehead played character roles in many, many movies but most people didn't know her until "Bewitched" Angela Landsbury as well. I declare a lot of them played in the twilight zone too.

I like Jack Nicholson because I like the truly crazy ones. I think he's like that in real life. "As Good As It Gets" is a good movie. It reminds was one of the movies that my mom's senior group went to see and they hated it.lol

My favorite Jack Nicholson line is "wait til they get a load of me" when he played the joker in Batman.   

I'm wit you on this one lottolaugh, but there have been lots of remakes of old movies like "War of the Worlds", The Time Machine, Sabrina (Bogie and Kathyn Hepburn) and ots others but they are never better than the original. Some movies are made not to be touched.

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