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pi cash 3 and 4



This short post was inspired by member Kellmusa55's thread about PI in the MATHEMATICS forum. I thought I'd address the PI question with a few rough ideas and a lean towards a Systems approach. I don't have the time for a more nuanced discussion, but hopefully this will be a little food for thought and possibly help us connect the dots...

I've appreciated the ad-infinitum discussion about PI on the LP, for many of us have been trying to figure out what  "x"  could be.

These are the commonly spoken of PI formulas on the LP.

1. (x / p) + c

2. (x / p ) - c

3. (x + c) / p

4. (x - c) / p

It has been said that:

"X" may be the last draw, a multiple of draws or is at least in some way connected to the draws,

"P" is PI, and

"C" is the circumference.

The discussion about what "x" could be have been lively. Its escapes me as to why the other variables, "p" and "c",  haven't been addressed with the same vigor. They are just as important...For example, which value for PI" are we speaking of, and what is this circumference we are talking about? PI is connected to the circumference of a circle. So if you're going to use PI in a Pick 3 formula, it may be pivotal to have some working ideas about "c", the circumference. If you nail that down, it could possibly give you a better construct with which to work and may have a bearing on what "x" could ultimately be....

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