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HMRC creates 30 taskforces to tackle "tax evasion"


While much of the recent focus has been on clamping down on tax avoidance among the super-rich, the taxman has also been looking into the affairs of a range of less affluent professionals, from plumbers, doctors and dentists to music and language teachers, horse riding instructors and fitness coaches.


For all the cries of "soak the rich", what do you expect to happen once the beast runs out of "rich" to soak?

Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile hoping he will eat you last. -- Attributed to Winston Churchill

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Rick GComment by Rick G - March 6, 2012, 7:07 am
Every one of us pay federal taxes every time we drive our car, use our phone, smoke a cigarette, drink a beer, watch TV, turn on the lights, etc.

Our 'income taxes' go directly to the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation and not affiliated with US, Inc. Next time you have to pay income taxes with a check, just look at the canceled check from your bank and see who endorsed and cashed it. It's the Federal Reserve, NOT THE US TREASURY. Now ask yourself why our checks made out to the US Treasury are being cashed by a private corporation that is not affiliated with the US govt.

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