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2-Week SouthShore123 Jackpot Pool for Mega & PowerBall


“SouthShore123 Jackpot Pool” for Mega Millions & PowerBall Lottery Drawings.


The people listed on the participants sheet or by their abbreviated names on this blog have paid $20.00 to join this jackpot lottery “pool” run by Andre Tet.

Each person has and must read and abide by the rules of this pool.

The $20 paid grants membership in the pool for Mega Millions and Powerball drawings for the two week period listed on the respective list of participants sheet and above.

Each person pays $20.00 in advance by the Tuesday 8pm deadline provided and signs his name on the list of participants sheet or he/she may have Andre Tet print his/her name on the sheet.

The 2 week pool expires two weeks later on Monday night.  Each two week pool is separate and autonomous from any previous and future one. 

Previous membership does not guarantee entry into the next period’s pool. It is the individual’s responsibility to contact me and provide fund’s by the Tuesday deadline. Membership in this pool is totally independent of any other pools that I run and does not guarantee an invitation to join those other pools. 

The games played will be Mega Millions on two Tuesdays and two Fridays and Powerball on two Wednesdays and two Saturdays. 

All official communication related to the pool is done by email with some info sent to all members’ cell numbers when time is of the essence. If a member does not have email, he/she may check with me for updates on the evening of the actual drawings. 

Andre Tet purchases Cash Value option tickets for the drawings, usually $3 per pool member for Mega Millions and then $2 per pool member for the next day’s Powerball drawing. On occasion, a percentage of games may be purchased with the megaplier option.

Andre Tet. will provide copies of our actual Mega or Powerball tickets for the specific drawing date by 11pm of that drawing’s date on a web blog and/or via email. 

As a back-up, at times, copies will be MMS texted to each individual’s cell number. 

Pool members will equally share funds won on any jackpots won only on the set of numbers provided.

Everyone in the pool, including Andre Tet., is free to purchase tickets outside of the pool. No one in the pool will have a claim on another’s winnings from tickets purchased individually or as part of another pool. Andre Tet. is protected by this rule only when he provides copies of the specific drawings pool tickets by 11pm of the drawing date on the website  blog provided, via email or via cell phone number to at least one member.

When we win the jackpot, we will not claim the prize immediately. We will need time to set up the trust, Tax ID and any other requirements NYS Lottery requires for jackpot winners involving pools of over ten members. Any fees required for this purpose or other legal requirement will be deducted and/or reimbursed from the jackpot payment prior to any fund disbursement to any general pool members.

Some of these rules are in place because of past lottery pool lawsuits; others are to clarify how this pool works.

The Pool Members for Mar 6-Mar 19 2012are abbreviated as follows:
Tin Baez, Kev Casc, Dan Cond, Vin Curu, Dan Delo, Greg Dema, Elw Dext, Ant Dipa, Meli Eger, Mike Fish, Joh Gonz, Jan Grac, Geo Gulli, Lis Helt, Sus John, Ter Kenn, Mike Kish, Ben Mark, Joh Ocon, Jos Padu, Dan Quin, Chri Quin, Rick Santo, Mike Sski, And Tet, Stac Tete, Les Thev, Doug Vall, Ste Vian, & Wm Wils.

Best of luck.

Pool tickets for Mar 6 MegaMillions:




Entry #6


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