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Dear LP members,

How are you doing this morning. I am doing fine and David Star is doing what he is suppose to do. But he is very hard to get along with. I think I will have a hard time being myself with him. I plan to continue my education and become a Judge. However, this is a simple person and having that kind of power is not what this person is about. I hope the person I could have been with is happy and they will find the person that will make them happy. You want beleive that since I found out my heritage background is Cherokee and Navanjo indian I have been smoking cider-wood and I really feel good using that kind of drug. I think I would light up this morning and go to church high. I need to laugh at God and Allmigthy. Did yall know that Moses was Bipolar and he thought that the buring bush was God. Allmighty, "Moses I am not the burning bush and God is my son and not the Alpha-Omega. "What I want you to do is free my people. "Moses" what people" . "Allmighty, Moses the people who pray to me Moses". "Oh" said Moses. "Go to Ramsey and tell him that he must free my people. Of course you know the rest. However, my favorite part is the staff. "Moses, Allmighty what do you want me to do with this stick". Moses just threw the stick down and I will do the rest. He did just that and the Red Sea parted.

We are all family and we should treat each other with respect regardless of the color of our skin. Allmighty don't know skin tone. Allmighty is simple and made us all in his own image. "Good and Evil". Evil backwards is live and Good is doog backward. We must cherish these two words for they mean more to mankind than a animal. Be good to each other and love is the greatist commandment. That is no matter what your religion is or your background is. "Gay or not" he loves us all. However, being gay is your choice and Allmighty says be fruitful and mutilpy. This can only happen with "Man and Wo-man".

I say it has been His-story for some time now, and now it is Her-story that need to be told. The next sermon should be "Man thou art loose with thy penis". I love my man-kind, however you would still be in that damn Garden of Eden if we did not give you the forbidden fruit. So, you must get on your knees and praise


She is your precious jewel and will love u forever. Give her what she need and she will satisfy u.

Happy Valentine Day

Luv Linda



Here are some numbers that could be good for Valentines Day.

378,410, 578, 1310, 729, 706, 924, 921, 313, 2020,001

Be Bless


LindaRed Devil

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