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Fla Cash 3 Passes the Point of Profit


Last Edited: February 13, 2006, 9:06 pm

Caved and wheeled 2nd position 0 thru 9  for a Back Pair with that Frigid 3rd position 

Cold #1. Ten bucks down the drain.  Oh well  No more chasing 3rd Position #1. 

will sift around with New York Pick-3 stats, can't lose, I am in FLA.

Analysis by Positions of win for single digits--

1st, 2nd and 3rd Position or Positions A, B and C.

 New York  Win-3

 1st Position 3/A…6mos: 24/ 12mos: 45/ 18mos: 64/ 24mos:85/ 36mos: 136/ 60mos: 209

3A won 24 times in last 6 months versus an expected +- 18

              45 wins in past 12 mos vs an avg +/- 37 wins

              64 wins in last 18 mos versus a 54 win avg

              85 wins in past 24 months vs a 72 win avg.

            136 wins in last 36 mos vs. 108.

            209 wins in 60 mos or 5 yrs vs 180 +/- avg.

 expect A-3 to begin a slow down in the number of wins over the next two months. 


The slow performing 1st Position 2/A has begun to increase its winning frequency.  Look for this to continue for a while due to its 5-year underperformance. Next likely date of win for this 2A or 1st position #2 is 18 Feb. 


18wins 6mos





55 wins

85 wins

150  60mos


Second Position 2/B can be considered an under performer but not really Cold.  Looking at its 5 year total number of wins, expect a slight increase in its win frequency.  This middle position #2 is likely to win on 16 Feb.


13wins 6mos.

25 12mos

45 wins







Entry #82


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