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Lotto Journal - Entry # 1 - The 640M+ MM World Record Breaker.


So, tonight was the Granddaddy of them all. 2-4-23-38-46 MB 23

Several folks are very likely going to wake up tomorrow very happy and much wealthier!

No winner here, but that is definitely something I can live with and I only lost $8. A bit more than I usually spend on one game but heaven knows, 

1.) I've lost far more cleaning expired food out of the fridge in the past.

2.) $8 is what many of the clubs downrange in Korea likely charge for a shot of cheap whiskey by now.

3.) That's one less pack of smokes to buy, I should probably give up the 18-year old habit anyways.

Still it was worth it to have some pretty cool daydreams over the past couple of days. That's the one thing that really excites me about the lottery, it's the thought of possibly having more money than I could ever honestly make via normal everyday means.

One thing that I have been especially in awe of this evening is the sheer ammount of folks I saw at one of the local convenience stores that were purchasing fistfulls of tickets. It's one thing to hear about it, but it is quite different to actually see it with your own eyes. When my step-daughter and I walked in the store to pick up some fountain drinks after class at church, I saw something that made me want to shake my head. One lady about my age who was waiting in line, had to have at least a $1000 dollars of cash in her hand, if not more... She did not appear to be the wealthy type either. If she has kids, I just hope they have plenty of milk till payday.

Then there are the few jokers I've seen posting on various websites that spent $1000 or more on tickets and got completely livid when they did not win hardly anything... guess math was not their strong subject.

1:175,711,536 odds

1,000 tickets

That's still an overwheming possibilty that the jackpot will go to 1 of the other 175,710,536 combinations...

I've been playing these big jackpot games off and on for the past 17 years, a few things I've learned in this time,

1.) Don't overextend the amount you spend when the jackpot gets to astronomical proportions, if you want to splurge keep it on the small side.

2.) All other times, keep a budget and stick to it. If your gambling is going to negatively effect what you can do for your family in any given month or plans for the future, you should consider cutting  back the amount of tickets you buy per drawing.

3.) Just enjoy the dream and don't get your hopes too high. If Lady Luck is on your side for a drawing, then enjoy the reward it brings, but don't lose your health or happiness over wishing for it to happen.

4.) Never be a sore loser. Losing sucks, but there is always another drawing half a week away. 

Good Luck and Good Night, 

Entry #2


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