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Voice of Concern: Things that are legal that sure look like Scams..


Last Edited: April 6, 2012, 7:48 am

                                what am i talking???? If you count the amount of things out there that charge you for it, and the product/thing last less than: 3 months if you counted them, they will be like: 5 million things...i will give you 1 example...

you go to a store and there is a handkerchief for 2 dollars, made out of the lowest quality fabric...2 months later, you have to buy another handkerchief because the one you bought gave its last breath...there are so many things out there, like 3 million in number, that exploit the pockets of people, they are like scams...many of those things they charge you as if you made: $300,000 a year or $600,000 a year...and they just keep going, and going...

many times you feel like telling the person, are you selling me something or are you trying to rob me...

why i say this??? because the average salary globally is like: $700 or $800, is only so big, and this things exploit the pockets of people, leaves them empty and them the consumer cant buy stuffs from small bussinesses because his/her paycheck was only so big...then what this leads to??? it leads to Recession, Global Economic Recessions...why??? because the consumer was strip of his paycheck, and now he can spend on small bussiness or on bussiness, on things that matter or are important...it causes small bussiness to go bankrupt too...

this stuffs that look like scams they are everywhere...I am not going to mention names but you all know who you are...

put simply, for every little piece of thing they are charging you, and in half the cases the prices they are setting, people or cant afford them, or you dont get your moneys worth preventing you from buying other stuffs/contributing to the economy...

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