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6 Coins To Lottery Gold Spell


Many people dream of winning a large sum of money through the lottery. Here’s a spell which can help you achieve that dream! Remember, with any spell like this it is important to fundamentally believe in the power of the spell, and it’s also important that once you’ve completed the spell to let it go, and feel completely confident that it will work. Equipment: 1 Green candle 6 Coins of any denomination A green pouch or cloth Cinnamon STEP 1: Light the candle and sit in front of it. Breathe deeply to calm and relax your mind, until you feel completely comfortable. Stare into the flame, allowing your eyes to unfocus slightly. As you do, imagine yourself being surrounded by a large pile of money. STEP 2: Say the following words: “My luck is growing and my money is showing! The money I need is mine indeed! As it flows thick and fast, money is mine at last!” STEP 3: Sprinkle some cinnamon in the bag and place the coins inside. If you are using a cloth, sprinkle the cinnamon and coins in the center of the cloth, and twist it up into a little bag. STEP 4: Extinguish the candle. STEP 5: Ensure the bag is closed so the coins can’t fall out and place it under your bed or beneath your pillow. As you do repeat the following words nine times: “Money is fine, money is mine!”

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