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"Able Danger" hearings this week


Very important data grossly and conspicuously ignored by cover-Clintons'-ass(etts) 9-11 (c)Omission, headed by Jamie Groelick the very person responsible for erecting the infamous "wall" which prevented intelligence agenceis from communication with one another during Bill and Hillary's residency in the Oval Office. 

Result ....... 9-11.  Remember Clinton was offered bin Laden and turned him down flat.  Voice print verified recording of Clinton at a speech admitting EXACTLY that.


To listen to President Clinton explain why he turned the Sudanese offer down, Click here.

     http://www.newsmax.com/clinton2.mp3    (mp3 link working as of this posting)

Result .... declassifying top secret dual use technology sold to the Chinese Communist Party government.  Sweet, huh??????  ...... and we wonder why China is economically and technologically rising as a world super power, also selling weapons and technology to Iran and other terrorist sponsoring states so they can be used on us both on the battlefield and on our own soil if given a chance.

Website devoted to Able Danger Hearings which will be updated at least daily if not more.

"Able Danger: Best Sources of News and Information


NOTE: Because the Able Danger hearings are set for this week, this post will remain at the top of this page for the time being.

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