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I'm back all you cheeky buggers, LOL


Hi there,

Due to some ReDic circumstances (spelling? forget it, I don't have time to check) I was knocked off the web on the 8th but now I'm back, HAHAHAHAHA!!! I've got to hurry up and  get dressed and get down to the poetry slam so maybe I can be the winner of some green $$$ I've never read at a slam before but perhaps it's just what is needed at this time to get me "off my dime" so to speak. My numbers have been coming up BIG TIME!!! I put little astricks next to all the hits like every other day or so BUT ususally I haven't been playing 'cause I am soooo low of funds, which is bad buttermilk soooo much I could scream, LOL!!! For esample, today at 2pm I was at the local drug and rob store and asked the clerk what was the # at 1pm? He says "5 something".  I say, oh, 512, 513? Then he looked it up and said 521/ OH, you didn't play today? No, I didn't play, but it was so obvious-------->>>>> another asterick for the notebook------> coulda, shoulda, woulda, LOL!!  I hope you are enjoying this because this is my life folks!!!! It's even in my stars, over and over !!! Actually, I've been rich and I've been poor and guess what rich is better, dah.  I hope I end up on rich, hee hee.  Now, back to the matter at hand.. .  .  .  oh yeah, get dressed up and show up at the poetry gig.  Ya know, poets love other poets and right now I would be happy to just meet another poet----->>>> some one who might understand me. . .  NOW, if I can just actually get my *utt out the door. . . .  .wish me luck!

Love all you numbers PEOPLE!!!!

aka Tiger Angel here on LP

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