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Personal tax rates in some ex-commie countries


  • Albania  -  10 percent Flat Tax
  • Bulgaria  -  10 percent Flat Tax
  • Czech Republic  -  15 percent Flat Tax
  • Georgia  -  15 percent Flat Tax
  • Kazakhstan  -  10 percent Flat Tax
  • Romania  -  16 percent Flat Tax
  • Russia  -  13 percent Flat Tax


Entry #782


Rick GComment by Rick G - April 21, 2012, 12:48 pm
What a scam. Funny how humans are the only beings in nature that have to pay a tithing to a master in order to live our lives. Is that the cost of sentience? Or is that the cost of sentient beings scamming other sentient beings?

Imagine if everyone in the world was hypnotized at the same time. The post-hypnotic suggestion is that you will live your life normally as you do now with only one exception: every time there is an exchange of goods and services, instead of trading money you will shake the person's hand instead. You will wake up with no memory of trading money for goods and services and money will be invisible to you.

What would change in normal day-to-day living? Nothing. Life would go on exactly as before. Money is only an idea just like handshaking is. The only ones who would suffer are those who don't get a handshake for sitting on their couch.

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