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Chinese government at it again


Last Edited: February 20, 2006, 10:24 am

Seems that although China is rising as an economic super power it is doing so with human rights abuses such as torture and murder which is typical of any communist government.  Currently land is being seized from landowners who are not properly compensated and when they object they are systematically tortured, killed and those deaths are covered up beyond any measure we in the US could imagine. 

I'm about halfway through this commentary about the communist takeover in China ["Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party] and how it was done, how many human beings were systematically exterminated over the years and methods used to bring about a complete takeover of a nation geographically about as big as the US.  A rather long read, very worthwhile and gives an excellent background as to why currently there are usually numerous civil protests across China that the government is having a hard time keeping the lid on with technology available today. 

"Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

"More Mass Suppression in Shanwei

By Gao Ling
Epoch Times China Staff

"Two and a half months have passed since the bloody massacre in Dongzhou village, Shanwei, Guangdong province. Many people are watching closely the current situation of the villagers. Since the bloody massacre, the government has set a tight blockade in the village, they are continuously searching, arresting and tapping telephone calls.

For more than seventy days, Dongzhou villagers were afraid to visit other villagers or answer telephone interviews. On January 24, all patients from the hospitals were forced to go home to their villages. After the Chinese New Year, the suppression by the CCP escalated, villagers were once again arrested, tortured and interrogated. Now they can no longer tolerate the maltreatment.

Orphans Beg on the Streets

On the morning of Feb 18, at 8 am, victims of the Shanwei incident and family members of those missing and arrested, escorted a dozen orphaned children who have no income to survive on, to Dongzhou Second Village and started begging on the street. Some relatives of the missing villagers cried openly asking for justice, sparking off a mass gathering of other villagers. Villagers expressed concern that the CCP's unscrupulous humiliation would spark off a rebellion.

Children of injured villagers, and orphans, begging on the streets. (The Epoch Times)

The ages of the children who were out begging, ranged from 3 to 12 years old. Some of them had lost their fathers who were beaten to death, leaving behind a widowed mother and child, with no means of supporting themselves. Some belonged to parents who were wanted for being "instigators" of the shooting incident and were forced to flee from home, and others had parents who were badly injured and unable to work.

Witnessing the tragic scene of children begging on their knees and cries from the victims finally ignited a resentment in the hearts of the Dongzhou villagers who for nearly eighty days had tolerated this incident. More and more villagers gathered together and many donated money to the orphans. An elderly man angrily reprimanded the government officials who had rushed to the scene, he said "I am 77 years old this year, arrest me and beat me if you wish. The Communist Party are used to lying! This is ridiculous!"

A crowd gathers to protest. (The Epoch Times)

People from other villagers were saying, it looks like our village representative has returned. According to the villagers, the three village representatives who were arrested were highly regarded.. When they were still around, the local village official and police were afraid of them and would not dare to interfere with the villagers. However since their arrest during the December 6 incident, under the insistence of the government, these local bullies wantonly arrested and beat the villagers, forcefully entering their houses and make house searches as they pleased. The villagers were too afraid to voice their anger. But today it seemed as if the village representative was around, everyone shouted and cried to their hearts content all the grievances that had been suppressed .

The crowds slowly dispersed around 3 pm in the afternoon after villagers urged the children to return home. However the residents surmised that these children who have lost the means to a livelihood, will soon be back to beg for a living as the government will not resolve this problem.

The child of severely injured Liu Muzong, has nobody in her family to care for her and she has no means to survive. (The Epoch Times)

Around Jan 24, eight injured hospitalised villagers including Chen Tianjin, Tang Dahan, and Liu Muzong were evacuated from the hospital by the authorities with the excuse of going home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Some of them saw the real intention of the government and refused to leave the hospital. They were persuaded everyday to change their minds and finally they gave in and returned to their village. At present, there is no one who cares about their situation - there is no doctor, and a lack of medication to treat their injuries.

A few days ago, several injured villagers who had difficulty supporting themselves went to the government office to ask for subsistence. But as usual the officials ignored them and even reprimanded them severely. Several family members of those detained by the authorities requested to visit them to give them something for New Year, but were also rejected.

The whereabouts of the missing remains unknown. Many villagers speculate that these villagers were probably massacred and their bodies could have been cremated during the December 6 incident. The authorities tried to cover up the actual death toll and used "detention" as an excuse to deceive family members and avoid public scrutiny.

The Dongzhou villagers had a quiet Chinese New Year. The villagers on the run were afraid to return. And once the New Year festivities were over, the authorities started to arrest villagers and repeatedly tried to force them to reveal where explosives were hidden. The police beat and kicked them when the villagers told them they did not know.. All of them suffered varying degrees of torture.

Yet in the official media it was reported that everything was peaceful. According to the villagers' description, since the December 6 incident, the government has continuously broadcast propaganda on the Shanwei TV station news, that they had sent out many task forces into Dongzhou village to help resolve the situation of the poor and had taken out social insurance for the villagers, and that the situation in Dongzhou village has returned to normal.

But in reality, everything is in contrary to what is reported in the news. The villagers said, the government tells lies openly, villagers have no recourse to justice, their livelihood is destroyed and they live in fear and under pressure everyday. Sooner or later, the villagers will rebel. Related articles:

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