Powerball is a game of luck.  You and I are never going to buy enough combinations to have a guaranteed win.  So it is up to us to buy with our money the combinations that we want to play for the draws that we want to play in.  I like to do a mix of numbers that I personally select and then also I like to get Quick Picks.  For every 10 jackpots sold in Powerball 7 will be from a winning Quick Pick ticket that leaves the other 3 winners as personally selected numbers.  I decided to play for the large jackpots so I will not play until Powerball crosses the $147 million annuity threshold.  I play a full play slip and for every 5 lines I play usually 3 lines are my personally selected numbers and the last 2 are Quick Pick numbers.  I also use the multiplier on Powerball called Powerplay on every Playslip.  That is me you can do whatever you want just remember it is a game a chance and you should play the game according to your budget set up for gambling.  As in any form of gambling you have to be lucky because most of us do not have enough money to play long enough to get the winning combination to unlock the big prizes.  That is why millions every year play and only a very small few win the grand prizes.-weshar75 

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