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~summertime flies~


Thinking back on the family picnic we gave last year, I'd say for a first try, it was very good. Not as big as a reunion, but plenty of extended family & friends. The weather cooperated as much as could be expected. Sunny and hot. Good breeze under the shelter (a large cabin-like structure with roof but no walls). We gave it at the local park, which has its own lake. Printed up invitations to be presented at the gate. Live DJ. Lots of meats, drinks, and cakes & pies.

The one thing we, the planners, didn't plan on (forgot?) were those uninvited guests: summertime flies. Not that there were many, but I didn't care for having them around trying to get where they didn't belong.

It is interesting how we fan flies away as if hoping they would get the hint that we don't want them around. It is more interesting that they never seem to figure this out. Perhaps they don't care. Flies, mosquitos, and other vermin seem to have an attitude that we have something they want and they are going to get it. Period.

There is no rationalizing or negotiating with such a creature. The best way to handle it is to swat it. Dead. Even a wounded fly (ever swatted one in mid-air?) (one wing half torn off, a gimpy leg or two) still tries to spread its filth. Notice how the amount of force used to kill one is probably sufficient to kill fifty of the little creeps at once? Smash Is that excessive force? I think they deserve it for not taking the first hint.

Overall, I was happy with the turnout of the invited family & friends. Some, I hadn't seen in years. Some, never. But the experience has taught me to keep my swatter at the ready for unwelcome pests, like summertime flies. Cool

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