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The smartest country in the world...Uruguay


Last Edited: July 1, 2012, 7:35 pm


Though I don't consume marijuana(and haven't since I was a teen),I do believe no authority should have the right to say what adults can do in this respect.The myth of pot leading to harder drugs has always been a ruse to me.Fact is most of all of us has raided our parents liquor cabinet long before we ever tried pot.

All the lies and fallacies about pot over the years is nearing its end and is actually.Pot in and of itself isn't the problem.The rules around it pertaining to unvoluntary forced rehabbing and incarceration of otherwise harmless lawabiding citizens is.

I could go on and on but I won't.I'm just glad to see a country out there has the balls to approach the drug war in a different manner.

I'm not for legalizaling all drugs...just marijuana.I detest crackheads ,methheads,and the clowns that deal the substance.I firmly believe however a death sentence should be handed down to all cocain/heroin traffikers .These are the drugs that crush families and communties .We all know prescription drugs are killing folks at an alarming rate yet pot has killed no one in it's know existence.There is no lethal dose level and the closest 'guesstimation' anyone has made is smoking 1500 pounds within 15 minutes and if that caused death, it would be likely due to asphyxiation even though it would be impossible to do in the first place.

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - July 1, 2012, 8:00 pm
Dubie, Dubie Doohhhhhhhhh...!

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