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It probably will .......


If we could get the sun to sign the "Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change"  Stooges  then we might be onto something to slow down global warming!!  Yeah anything that has to do with the United Nations   is really sensible and beneficial to all.  NOT!!!  Green laugh  Green laugh  Green laugh 

I doubt any irrefutable evidence that our sun burning warmer would ever sink in to any member of the UN.

"Sun's next 11-year cycle could be 50 pct stronger

By Deborah Zabarenko

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sun-spawned cosmic storms that can play havoc with earthly power grids and orbiting satellites could be 50 percent stronger in the next 11-year solar cycle than in the last one, scientists said on Monday.

Using a new model that takes into account what happens under the sun's surface and data about previous solar cycles, astronomers offered a long-range forecast for solar activity that could start as soon as this year or as late as 2008.

They offered no specific predictions of solar storms, but they hope to formulate early warnings that will give power companies, satellite operators and others on and around Earth a few days to prepare.


"This prediction of an active solar cycle suggests we're potentially looking at more communications disruptions, more satellite failures, possible disruptions of electrical grids and blackouts, more dangerous conditions for astronauts," said Richard Behnke of the Upper Atmosphere Research Section at the National Science Foundation."..........


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