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Republicans' Obstructionism Blocking Numerous Bills


*Sometimes we have to take you back when lies come up to get to the truth.* These things pop up to get the heat off Romney and his question of truthfuliness and integrity to the American people in showing his tax returns.

Right-Wing Media Cover Up Senate Republicans' Obstructionism

Media Matters for America

April 18, 2012 2:26 AM EDT ››› ADAM SHAH

In 2011, Senate Republicans Repeatedly Blocked The Senate From Acting. In 2011, Senate Republicans used procedural tricks, such as filibusters, to require that measures received the support of a supermajority of senators before they moved forward. The following legislation would have passed the Senate and the following nominations would have been confirmed had Senate Republicans not thrown up procedural roadblocks:

  • Nomination Of Mari Carmen Aponte To Be Ambassador To The Republic Of El Salvador. [Senate vote 227, 12/12/11]
  • Middle Class Tax Cut Act Of 2011. [Senate vote 224, 12/8/11; Senate vote 219, 12/1/11]
  • Nomination Of Richard Cordray To Be Director Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. [Senate vote 223, 12/8/11]
  • Nomination Of Caitlin Joan Halligan To Be A United States Circuit Judge. [Senate vote 222, 12/6/11]
  • Teachers And First Responders Back To Work Act Of 2011. [Senate vote 177, 10/20/11]
  • American Jobs Act Of 2011. [Senate vote 160, 10/11/11]
  • Nomination Of James Michael Cole To Be Deputy Attorney General. [Senate vote 67, 5/9/11]
  • Bill Reauthorizing Government Programs That Aid Small Businesses. [Senate vote 64, 5/4/11]

Senate Republicans' Obstruction Has Continued In 2012. Senate Republicans have continued their obstructionist tactics in 2012. The following bills would have passed and the following nominations would have been confirmed had Senate Republicans not used procedural devices to require support from a supermajority:

  • Paying A Fair Share Act Of 2012. [Senate vote 65, 4/16/12]
  • Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act. [Senate vote 63, 3/29/12]
  • Reauthorization Of The Export-Import Bank Of The United States. [Senate vote 52, 3/20/12]
  • Reopening American Capital Markets To Emerging Growth Companies Act Of 2011. [Senate vote 51, 3/20/12]
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Comment by bobbya - July 22, 2012, 5:38 pm
The electorate sees this obstructionism by the Republicans of anything beneficial for the vast majority of the American People in favor of the minority who are Corporate Owned and Controlled and WILL in November show their displeasure by tossing them out of office and keeping The Democrats in charge of the Senate with more seats and gaining back The House.
The Republicans hate President Obama more than They Love America but he still will get;
Comment by scorpio - July 22, 2012, 5:40 pm
yes,the people have caught on to the sneaky,conniving republicants.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - July 23, 2012, 8:11 am
Without reading each and every bill as they are written would be difficult to comment wether they are beneficial to America or not.
Democrats do the same with republican bills put up for debate and vote.
Not all bills are good for America.

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