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Technics doesnt own the followers


Last Edited: July 25, 2012, 9:28 pm

Let me make myself clear on this issue so that this FOOL can go play in traffic. I do not claim the followers system that I post as my own. I never have. I paid the owner $60 for the excel sheet that he created for his system. the same system that the person named chouq paid for like i did. I post the followers to help people win because it works. chouq did not create nor does she own the system. its owned by a man who lives in Durham, a retired vet who owns a very popular website that has 1000's of systems availble for sale via the internet. I purchased a membership from his site that used to be free. This fool SAGE seems to think i am copying and pasting from past posts of chouq. chouq never posted all 1000 of the followers so how possible is it for me to have all 1000 results if i didnt have the same access to the system that she had ? old schoolers on lottery post already know who the owner is which is how i was turned on to the lead that had me find the system from the start. people on here need to grow up and stop acting childish..REALLY !! is this the best you can do sage ?? try to say I have to copy and paste some 10 year old post to validate who i am ??? think again...i have developed  more systems in the 3 years i was here than anyone else who has openly posted them and i still have systems i havent posted yet. I test things almost every day. Its easy to be an idiot but hard to come at me like an adult and ask the correct line of questions. this FOOL never once asked me who I got the sheet from. all they know is chouq chouq chouq..and WHO THE HELL IS THIS CHOUQ PERSON, SHE MUST BE A LEGEND AROUND HERE......lmao !!! Green laugh

Entry #125


TenajComment by Tenaj - July 25, 2012, 9:45 pm
I hate to burst your bubble Technic but if you are talking about Adolf. He stole it. All of those 1000s of systems that he have he got from cruising the posts here on LP for many many years and he steals people system and do computer programs on them. He even tried to steal mine but he made up something and put my name on it spelled wrong so he couldn't get in any trouble. Do a search on Adolf here on LP. It goes way back but you may be able to find it. But if you bought it from Adolf - he stole it from an LP member or somewhere else. OMG I hope you haven't given him any of your systems. He really screwed one guy here a few years ago.
ToddComment by Todd - July 25, 2012, 10:22 pm
I agree with Tenaj that Adolf does nothing but steal other people's systems and re-market them as his own. A real slime. He spent a lot of time going through the Lottery Post forums pulling out great systems that people would share for free and try to make money off them. A real low-life.

The "Chouq" person you're referring to contributed a lot of ideas and posts to the forums, but refused to try and get along with people here and eventually became such a destructive personality that I was forced to ban her. Too bad.
TechnicsComment by Technics - July 26, 2012, 1:21 am
Ok folks, thanks for the heads up on adolf...i really had no clue what was what when it came to him. I did purchase a sheet from him with the workout i was accused of hi-jacking. i personally would never steal someones work and try to claim it as my own. furthermore i do know the rules about copying and pasting things here on lottery post so i wouldnt get caught dead doing such a thing. I got offended when this person said i was copying work from 10 years ago here on lottery post knowing full well that i just paid a joker for the same system. I had no idea of adolfs history. I'm a wiser person now and thanks for setting it straight. I hope sage is reading this because we got off on the wrong foot about this whole thing.
TenajComment by Tenaj - July 26, 2012, 1:48 am
you welcome technics. I'm glad you said Durham or I wouldn't have known who you were talking about.

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