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Trip fund


Well I did my bills for tomorrow and I have $200 left after I pay all my bills and pay myself $200 for the month.  I owe my niece $100 because she gave me her graduation check to cash for her so I will deposit it probably next week sometime.  On a whole other note she still has not paid me for the t-shirts fundraiser I helped her out with I guess I am suppose to eat that money and not get it back.  So much for family hun!!!!!!  Oh well just another person that stiffed me and her parents stiffed me for the $140 I loaned them to get their car title back from a loan agency.  So it is nothing new to me.  I think that after mom pays me $200 on the 15th I will have about $300 saved up for the trip so we will go in October instead of September because I will have more saved.  I know one thing and that is it is hard to save money when you have to pay most of the bills.  I hope that I have enough to go on vacation in October though because I really want to go before winter comes.  Just to get out and hear the ocean waves and be able to eat some good food too.  Well thanks for listening!-weshar75

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rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - August 3, 2012, 12:59 am
If they owe you money you should remind them, weshar. If they think you forgot about it or are letting it go, they'll be asking you for more. That ain't right, they should pay you back when you help them out.

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