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Obama's Plan? "Look At My Record Of Failure And Disaster And Trust Me That I Won't Make It Worse"


Obama's lying machines are going full tilt now that Ryan is the pick for VP.

Head Slimy Creep Axelrod is slithering and writhing all over the airwaves spreading the lie that Ryan is a radical extremist who wants to end Medicare and Social Security and start pumping dirty air and water into seniors' homes to suffocate and poison them.

Lying is very important to Obama and the Democrats because they can't win without it. And as accomplished a liar as Obama is, he can't hold a candle to the slime-covered Axelrod. As a career Democrat operative, lying comes as natural to him as going slow in the fast lane does to most Democrats.

One of the comb-over creep's favorites is the lie that Ryan wants to gut Medicare. The truth is the exact opposite of what Axelrod says.

Ryan has a plan to save Medicare. That's the truth.

Obama intends to gut Medicare by withdrawing 740 Million Dollars from its funding to prop up Obamacare. That act alone will all but kill it. And that's the truth. You'll never hear them mention that though.

It's starting to look more and more like this could be an election that will be decided by the smart people vs the dumb people, which reminds me of a video I saw the other day. It was a guy interviewing people at an Obama rally during the '08 election and asking them simple questions about politics and policies and political leaders and how government operates and stuff like that. Well, these people at Obama's rally knew absolutely NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. It was absolutely amazing. The ONE THING they did know though, the ONE THING they were well versed on was that Sarah Palin was a big dummy and could see Russia from her front yard and had a promiscuous teenage daughter who was (horrors!) pregnant. None of them had ever heard of Reid or Pelosi or Barney Frank though. They also knew that everything that was bad about the economy and the country was because of the Republicans. They didn't know why or how, they just knew that Republicans were bad and hated them.

That is how the Obama/Axelrod machine and campaign of lies works - bread and circuses. They count on an uneducated, brainwashed and somewhat mind-numbed and dependent electorate to believe everything they say and not take the initiative to check anything out for themselves while offering them free stuff in return for their votes.

This is going to be an election not only between the smart people and the stupid people but also between the Truth and a Pack of Lies. And tragically, the survival of this nation depends on the outcome of this single election. This one is about survival.

And truth be told, it could be our nation's last chance to choose Good over Evil.

There are people, evil people, who truly hate this country and everything it stands for. We even have a couple here in the blogs and you can feel their hate for this country seething from their words and links and copies. Think they're not evil? Ask them if they support killing innocent babies. 

May God protect America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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sully16Comment by sully16 - August 13, 2012, 1:16 pm
The worse disaster ever, congress needs to go also,
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - August 13, 2012, 6:39 pm
I've said it many times LYING is their agenda...!
The wuss and axlesnod are both of the biggest narcissist's besides the crapper that have ever opened their mouth's and spewed puke for bait....! The Democraps are out chumming....!

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