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Cracking the code


I am determined that part of the lottery code is out there for the cracking.  Variables I take into consideration are anything from order of the numbers drawn to temperature and humidity in the room where a drawing takes place.  Do things like phase of the moon and/or solar flares have a minor but just enough to throw you off affect on your workouts?  It is very frustrating to the point where I keep looking for patterns.  Many people here swear by patterns, and from time to time they do exist.  You just have to catch it at the right time.  And of course, luck.

I get to the point now to where I will do my workouts for Megamillions drawings and I now start by eliminating numbers first (as opposed to trying to pick the correct numbers).  Many times I can eliminate close to 10 numbers off the bat, reducing the odds against me from astronomical to less astronomical but when I get too caught up in eliminating numbers left and right then it comes back to bite me. 

What's funny is many times I can look at the winning numbers and justify why they came up based on previous draws.  Now why can't I do that before they are drawn Mad

Either way, it is fun and frustrating but gives me something to mentally work on from time to time.  And maybe one day I'll hit it.  Work in progress...

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