Sopranos was "El Stinko"


How disappointing that the Sopranos reverted back to those horrible dream sequences.  They didn't even have talking fish to help salvage the wackiness.

And don't tell me the whole season is going to be devoted to Tony thinking he's dying or something.  Ugh!!!

Here's the Season 6 scorecard so far (from 1-10, 10 being the best):


  1. 10 - awesome in every respect
  2. 2 - saved from being a 1 because of some good lines by Pauley
Entry #121


Avatar fast eddie -
We wait all year and prod. David Chase yanks are chain with this crap, he knows what the people want to see and gives us that s@#%. Someone should wack him for that garbage he put on the air tonight.
Avatar DoubleDown -
I agree it was a stinker, but as I recall, some other seasons got off to a slow start then gathered momentum. I think this season will to-
there will be a huge power struggle while T is in the hospital and it will lead to some classic scenes..
Just no more dream sequences please.........
Avatar Todd -
I wish the writers would review seasons 1 & 2 a half dozen times just before they site down to write this season. They would do much better to invest their time in writing good characters and dialog, rather than trying to be "clever".

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