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Energy is getting much Better I see the Light!


Last Edited: September 30, 2012, 9:29 pm

Ok, I am taking this Class it it is really working for me..  It is a MetaPhyics Class  I meet a lot of nice people there.. and we all come for the same thing.. I have made alot of improvement with my life.  My teacher said Meditating is very good for you do it at least 2 or 3 times a day before you get up in the Morning and lunch time  before you got to Bed.  It is really helping me..  Observe be cautious..... Practice on being Quiet.   Be tune in with your bigger self... be at Peace when thinking about something. Clear thinking and Witt, make a list that gives you peace , well still working on that one, I made a list of 8 things still working on the other 6 more to go.

Negative has to be replace with Love remove all the blocks spend time in Silence.  Your attention is what you attrack. These are just some notes that I am taking while in my Class. Be out of the way be Joyful, ask once you have faith be an  observer be at peace when thinking about something. ( Pay Attention) learning to state Focas more. Don't like what you see work on yourself you need to be at Peace when you make the change.   The Moment we are not in the way we will be able to Meditate and be quiet . Light is Love and Peace and silence is recommended. Your the Actor play your part happeniess is knowing who you really are.  Ask for Gods Love 15 mins. or more time make a communication with God. Burn a White Candle Listen to Audio Music for Mediating.. Youtube has some. Practice on being Quiet  ask and answers are within be quiet..  Now that is hard because I so love what I do. but I think it would help me in the long run. Be back with some hot numbers Oct. 01 10/01  these are still good the last ones..   God is Love.Sun SmileySun SmileyHow to Increase the power of your mind (Light) a Great Shining Light.. I have seen it.. while meditating is it so amazing.. Have you read any thing about Burt Goldman or Louise Hayhouse, Internet Radio? very interesting topics  Dr. Wayne Meyers Audio Tapes. Most of these are finding peace with yourself and Staying positive in life.   Keep thinking Positve.Thumbs Up   Another thing these classes are free there should be some of these place in your State or just go to Internet you will find anything you want about this. How to develope good energy. Yoga is good too.  God is energy we all have it within us.

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luckyshoesComment by luckyshoes - October 1, 2012, 8:30 am
I love meditating- so much info comes through that way. Things you would never get otherwise. Also, perfect silence brings great insight !
marcieComment by marcie - October 1, 2012, 9:10 am
I agree with you Luckyshoes yes it does, I am trying to practice this everyday. It is so hard sometimes. But I am getting better with it. It is so amazing, when you mediate you must not think of anything visalize a light or burn a candle. Get a timer time yourself for 5 mins. prepare yourself for Meditation take 5 deep breathes before you meditate one Guy in my Class saids that works for him.
marcieComment by marcie - October 9, 2012, 3:11 pm
My Mistake Dr. Wayne Dyers has good Audio Tapes I usaully get them at the Library.

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