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odds and ends


Just came from visiting USAMEGA. I have 4 sections in that site that I usually visit: Results, News, Jackpot Analysis, and PowerSearch. Love 'em!

Last nite, I dreamt... Had my nails done. Manicurist meticulously trimmed my nails in triangular form, then cut the tips straight flat. She put 3 tiny pink dots on each nail. I asked her, "How much do I owe?" She looked up and said, "$2.99."

"$2.99!", I exclaimed. "For you, $1.49," she replied.
"$1.49!", I exclaimed again. Then handed her $4.00.

Gosh, what a weird dream.

Walked along the beach yesterday. Saw this young couple with their 5-6 yr. old kid. Mom was carrying a pail half filled with water. I peaked in the pail and saw 2 tiny octopuses swimming very slowly.   Dad was stooped on a small pond quietly moving a rock and pulling some algae, looking for more helpless creatures. Kid was patiently watching.   Not far from us was a big posted sign that warned against picking any shells, crabs, fish or any living creatures, algae, rocks. etc.   Wow, what a selfish and blatant disregard for rules, I thought. When that kid grows up, he'll be doing the same thing he saw his Dad doing.

Entry #4


luckieStarrComment by luckieStarr - March 26, 2006, 11:24 am
play...149...299...400..3299...3149....3400...you should play for nine days!
csfbComment by csfb - March 29, 2006, 11:20 am
Thank you, luckieStarr, for the numbers. Have a good one!

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