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These are going to be my new games and I have already started to play them this week.  I play powerball and mega millions all the time but lucky lines has a $40,000 threshold and megabucks has an $8 million threshold.  Win for life is a set prize so I just play that one all the time too a $1000 week for life is the top prize on that game.  Since I started to play these games it has been at the minimum too in order to save money.  So I will get like a $2 win for life on monday,wednesday and saturday along with a $2 megabucks every monday,wednesday and saturday.  Then for lucky lines as long as it is over $40,000 and has not been won I play it $2 every day until the jackpot is won.  Back to megabucks I only play it if it is over $8 million though because I want to clear at least $2 million after taking the cash on that prize.  Then on mega millions I play it every tuesday and friday for $1 with the megaplier option on it for $2.  Lastly I have powerball every wednesday and saturday and I play it $2 with powerplay option on it for $3.  I think this way I am almost sure if the jackpots are high in all the games I will have a ticket in my wallet for one of these 5 games.  I don't play pick4 because I am no good at picking those numbers so I don't waste my time on it.  It makes me feel good to have a lottery ticket in my wallet know that I might be real close to turning it into a big score if I have the right numbers.  Thanks for listening and good luck!-weshar75

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