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Don Stott is a PM dealer who writes 2 sets of articles. One set is longer commentaries archived at gold-eagle along with articles from lots of other PM and econ writers. These are not written at any regular interval. His other set appears as short write-ups that appear M, W, & F, on his homepage, coloradogold. Currently, these are not archived. If you miss a day, they are gone. His articles are usually thought provoking... and sometimes just provoking Jester.
The one below is from M 3/27/06.

A large, Webster's New World 1975 Dictionary doesn't even have that word in it.  Of course it is a commonly used word now.  See, 'entitlements' are a word which means that the worthless, lazy, fat, stupid, plus other adjectives describing a lot of people can live off of you and I.  It is simple.  We tax the rich and give to the poor, a-la-Robin Hood, and we arrive at Utopia.  Shangri-La to the D.C. Gang, is having millions of welfare recipients vote for them, so they can stay in their lofty perches in D.C. with the free haircuts, lifetime salaries, free postage (franking) and the general adulation of everyone...except me anyhow.  It matters not whether the Gang is Republican or Democrat, they all 'bring home the bacon' to their constituents.  They all worry about the poor, because they vote and are far more numerous than the wealthy or even middle class.  Who can be said to be wealthy today?  Not a millionaire.  Hell I am worth that, and that's nothing to brag about.  Supposedly the Congress is sent to D.C. to watch the store.  You know, watch the store, so the thieves don't walk out with the merchandise.  Instead of minding the store, they have ransacked it, if by the word "merchandise,"' you mean "dollar."  Has the D.C. Gang saved the dollar and watched the store?  Of course not.  They have stolen your and my wealth by continually degrading and debasing the very currency we have to use to live by, pay our bills with, and use to buy life's necessities.  Each day, prices 'go up,' or to put it accurately, 'dollars go down.'  The D.C. Gang mind the store?  Not hardly. They are robbers, thieves, and downright ugly.  Practically every bill they vote on or pass, involves more printing press money being spent, and more dollars being degraded and debased. Bush wants "guest workers."  How about all the welfare trash being made to harvest vegetables, pick fruit, or do the same things the illegals are now doing?  They won't do it?  Fine, then let them find sustenance some other place than checks from the D.C. Gang.  He who won't work, let him starve.  Why not tear down all the public housing and save the neighborhoods?  I remember when Coney Island was a wonderful place to visit fifty years ago.  However, the public housing which took the place of amusements, contains a lot of voters, and roller coasters don't vote.  When I was a kid in D.C. Glen Echo was a marvelous amusement park.  That is until the welfare gang ruined it.  It's gone now.  The cities are gone too, thanks to the D.C. Gang's handouts to the unworthy, thereby creating the underclass.  Before FDR, there was no underclass.  There were no welfare recipients, nor welfare.  Cities were whole and magnificent.  Who's minding the store?  No one, that's who.  And you will vote for one of them in November?  Not me.



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