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Bathhouse Barry?


Last Edited: October 26, 2012, 1:33 am

THINK SQUAD: Chicago blacks say Democrats are “clueless about how  mad they’ve made black folk” in last year

Posted at October 18, 2012 by Kevin DuJan // Best  of Hillbuzz, Featured Content


I’m just back from a breakfast downtown with members of a group of prominent  Chicago blacks who informally call themselves “The Think Squad” (Thinkers, for  short).  What I’m about to tell you is straight from the source and  uncensored…and incredibly shocking in many ways, particularly if you’re a  Democrat who thinks blacks will always do what the party wants no matter what  the party does to alienate blacks.  The biggest unreported story in this  election is the ANGER being directed at Democrats from not just the pulpits of  black churches…but in the circles of black female friends who are often the “Big  Mommas” to their families.  These black women are furious with the Democrat  Party and Barack Obama and are encouraging their families to just sit home on  Election Day.  Additionally, these Thinkers are now openly calling Obama “Bathhouse Barry” for the first time ever…which indicates the reports of Obama’s  gay sexual activity in the sleazy Chicago bathhouse Man’s Country have saturated  the electorate at this point. If “Big Mommas” are calling Obama a “punk” and a “cake boy”, it’s on like Donkey Kong, folks.

I got the call late last night asking me if I wanted to have breakfast with a  few friends from the Think Squad before they headed to work in the Loop.  I  never know who’s going to be at these get-togethers, other than my contact for  the group who’s been a good friend of mine for the entirety of the time I’ve  lived in Chicago.  She’s one of the first friends I met here, when I worked  a fundraising project for a black dance group and through this friend was  connected with people from other black nonprofits in the arts who needed a hand  here or there with events, mailings, ghostwriting, etc.  Before Barack  Obama divided the country on racial lines and used Alinsky Methods to polarize  and alienate people, I used to do a lot of work with different groups on  Chicago’s Southside…but all that came to a crashing halt in “The Golden Age of  Hope and Change” when Obama’s campaign and cultists declared that anyone who  didn’t support him was an enemy who had to be destroyed.  Unfortunately, a  lot of blacks in Chicago got caught up in this zealotry and they burned bridges  with people like me who were punished for a few years for not backing Obama.

All of that started to change this year, in the spring…but I wasn’t able at  the time to pick up on WHY the residual animosity from the racially-charged 2008  campaign was dissipating now.  People who wouldn’t talk to me during the  Obama campaign and its aftermath are friendly once again, often with a knowing  look and a shake of the head in “I don’t know what I was thinking” spirit  (stopping short of apologizing for being total jerks in the name of Obama, but  making up for it by picking up the check to breakfast on occasion…or inviting me  to cookouts or church roast beef dinners…because we’re friends like that again).  This is really a big deal because to initiate this thaw and rebuild burnt  bridges these Chicago blacks had to first come to terms with the fact that  Barack Obama really was bad for the country…which means the people who tried to  stop him were in fact the good guys after all. I’m happy to have a lot of these  people back in my life again and see that yes, indeed, the damage Barack Obama  did to America can in fact be repaired after all.

One of the things that’s often lost (or purposefully ignored by the Ministry  of Truth that is the national media) when talking about race in this country is  how truly decent and generous of spirit black people are, by and large, and how  important “doing right” really is to them and their families (especially those  who go to church regularly or are involved in community programs and  activities). The years 2008-2012 and all the nastiness that Obama’s presidency  brought out in the black community are an anomalous product of too many black  people being revved up along racial lines by the reckless rhetoric of a man who  decided to falsely charge anyone who opposed him with racism.  I’m sure you  remember how Obama and his surrogates declared Geraldine Ferraro, Bill Clinton,  Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin to be racists because they at  various times in the campaign stood in the way of Obama getting what he  wanted…so they were targeted, frozen, personalized, and polarized as “racists” in classic Alinsky fashion to remove them as obstacles to Obama’s rise to power  (that’s Alinsky Rule #13, for those keeping score).  For decades, Jesse  Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Henry Gates have been training black people to  unthinkingly rise up and attack whenever one of the self-appointed “Justice  Brothers” declared someone on the political scene a “racist” who had to be  destroyed.  This actually became a fun hobby for some in the black  community, because screaming and yelling and attacking the chosen target was  something colorful and lively to do every once in a while whenever the Justice  Brothers sent out word it was time to get riled up again.

Members of the black community who are disgusted by how the Democrat Party  treats blacks like animals and uses them as weapons or political pawns have  formed these informal “Think Squad” groups coast to coast, which are underground  salons of free thought wherever black professionals get together to talk openly  about the anger black people feel about Democrats today.

“Black folk are mad, they are mad as Hell, and they ain’t going to take this  anymore”, one of the Think Squad members told me soon after I joined the table  in the second floor restaurant at the Marriott hotel on Michigan Avenue in  downtown Chicago.  She was already sipping coffee and munching on a  cinnamon roll, and between bites she told me that the black community at large  is furious that nothing “got better at all for nobody” with Obama in the White  House. “People expected a lot because that punk promised so much and what did he  give anyone? JACK S***, that’s what”. She chomped onto that gooey sweet roll  like she was biting Barack Obama’s head off in effigy.

This prompted knowing smirks and affirmations from the other four Thinkers at  the table, forming a consensus that many black people who were jubilant with  Obama’s election in 2008 are disappointed and angry in 2012 because their lives  are the worse for having him in office. Black people are angry that unemployment  is so high in places like the Southside of Chicago and that Obama’s been “looking for votes from illegals by giving Mexicans amnesty” and thus taking  away jobs from black people.  Tensions between blacks and Spanish-speakers  in Chicago are at the highest levels ever because it’s true that Hispanics have  largely replaced blacks in the City’s preferred hiring protocols; this means  that jobs that used to go to blacks on the Southside are now going to people who  don’t speak English and are in the country illegally.  Democrats are seen  as pushing this because Mexican colonists here in Chicago are easy to control  and completely dependent on the Democrat party because they can’t get work  legally without the proper papers…but Democrats have ways of looking the other  way and paying these people anyway, so long as they do the Democrats’ bidding.

Obama is seen as encouraging all this, while simultaneously enjoying the  perks of being president without wanting the responsibility of delivering on any  of his promises.  I’ve long called Obama “Miss Thang” for behaving this  way, but the Think Squad has other names for him.

“He’s not a president as much as he’s a celebrity now, and people kind of see  him like they do Beyonce or Chris Brown or Sean John or whoever,” a Thinker who  works in the medical field told me.  ”Sure, they get excited seeing him on  TV or whatever and they like that he’s on a magazine cover but they aren’t  buying that magazine and proudly holding it up to their own face saying ‘this is  my guy, my Barack’ anymore. Those days are long gone.  Now they’re looking  at it and a lot of them are calling him a punk and saying ‘that’s Bathhouse  Barry right there’ because the stories are out that Barack had sex in bathhouses  with men and probably has AIDS now”.

Since she’s a doctor, I asked this Thinker if she believes the current  President of the United States has HIV or AIDS but she refused to speculate.   ”Something is wrong with him physically, that’s for sure, but I won’t go  there.  It could be a lot of things.  He’s clearly on drugs of some  kind though and I don’t think he has a prescription for any of them, if you  catch the drift. He sure looks a lot different in the face than the did when he  took office and it’s not just that they all age so much in the White House”.

That was a reference to the common belief that men who’ve become president  seem to age rapidly for mysterious reasons…and that Obama looks worse at this  point him his presidency than any of his predecessors. Clearly he’s not a hard  worker and is not staying up late at night reading policy papers or intelligence  briefings…so why on Earth DOES he look so terrible all the time?   Speculation in Chicago is rampant these days.

“He’s got ‘The Slims’, it’s plain as day.  He got The Slims screwing  around in the hot tub or whatever they do in those places. He’s a punkass cake  boy is what he is and I can see it,” an older Thinker said as breakfast started  hitting the table. For the uninitiated, “The Slims” is black slang for HIV/AIDS;  a “punkass” or “punk” is an effeminate black man who’s either gay or was the  submissive while in a prison relationship; and a “cake boy” is another black  slang term for either a gay man or a very effeminate man who is most likely gay.  None of these are flattering terms for a black man, as you can imagine.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone in the Think Squad so openly  talk about Barack Obama being gay or his days as “Bathhouse Barry”; in the past,  the Thinkers were more roundabout in this area…they’d drop little jokes and  would engage in innuendo and knowing winks, but they’d never just flat-out call  him Bathhouse Barry and talk about him having AIDS because of unprotected,  bareback sex in gay bathhouses.  But they sure are doing that now…and it  didn’t take long, however, to realize this is because of the issue of GLOBE  Magazine that hit the checkout aisles on October 1st…which had a big cover story  on Obama’s days in Man’s Country bathhouse here in Chicago.  It was awkward  and amusing at the table that all the Thinkers knew about the GLOBE story but  didn’t realize that I’m actually one of the sources who was interviewed for that  piece (my picture’s even in the article).  I’m not sure if any of them read  the full article or just saw the giant headline while they were at the store,  but “Bathhouse Barry” is a name they all repeatedly called Obama during  breakfast so it’s saturated in a way this story never has before. EVERYONE in  the black community is talking about Barack Obama having risky bathhouse sex  with men before he became a US Senator and most of these people think he caught  HIV as a result.  This news is BURNING UP in the black community coast to  coast.

“Bathhouse Barry, that’s right. That punkass.  Can’t do nothing right,  can’t fool nobody, can’t keep d***s out of his mouth.  I know the score on  that one. You don’t need to show me no magazine about it.  It’s written all  over his face. He’s got cake all up in him. Puh-lease”, a Thinker said while  eating her waffle and bacon.  A round of mocking followed this, with plenty  of jabs at Obama for being gay and for Michelle being married to him just for  the money and perks.  It was completely unclear whether any of these  Thinkers realized I was gay too, but they relished mocking Obama for engaging in  relationships with men like Reggie Love.

More than a few minutes went by with the Thinkers crossing the line into  pretty ribald territory, laughing loudly as they described in graphic detail  what they believed Reggie does to the sitting US president while they’re lying  down together somewhere in the White House.  It was laughter to the point  of tears as these black women at times lost their breath hooting and hollering  over “Obama and Reggie”, with Obama being described exclusively as “the woman” in that relationship.

If the Think Squad is any indication, then black people have no respect for  Obama anymore.  The Bathhouse Barry stories were “the last straw for a lot  of people”, according to a Thinker who told me she was in the Jewel grocery  store in Bronzeville at 35th and King when that GLOBE was on the stands and  she’d see people excitedly flipping through it, calling others over to look, and  hearing them shout “Oh, hell no! No he didn’t! Barack is a punk! Obama is a  bitch!”.

And then people would hoot, holler, and laugh at him.

This is the part of the story of the 2012 election that the Ministry of Truth  that is the national media will never tell you.  Black people voted in  record numbers for Obama back in 2008 because they mostly knew nothing about him  and just wanted to see someone who looked like them become president.  They  got caught up in the excitement.  Even some of the Thinkers admit they  voted for Obama just because it “was time” to have a black president. Now they  wish it could have been “someone who knew what he was doing and was a real man” instead of Obama who became the “first black president”.  There’s a great  sense of disappointment that history was squandered on a punk who didn’t deserve  that honor.

“Folks are angry about that.  Martin should have been president.   Hell, even Jesse would have been better.  Hell, even SHARPTON would  have been better.  This punk’s been a disaster and he is one and done”, a  Thinker in the human resources field said, referring to her belief that Martin  Luther King would have made a great president if history had played out  differently and he’d gone into politics at some point in an alternate timeline.   ”Someone like Martin” being president is what black people wanted…and  frankly I think such a man really does exist and his name is Congressman Allen  West and he will in fact be president someday, maybe in 2020 or 2024. And he  will be one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had, completely eclipsing  Barack “Bathhouse Barry” Obama.

As breakfast was being cleared away and we were all getting ready to leave  the conversation turned toward what black preachers have been saying on Sundays  about the election.  The Thinkers represented not just what’s going on here  in Chicago, but what’s happening with their friends and relatives all across the  country.  ”One thing you need to always remember is that black people all  know each other,” a Thinker reminded me, “we all talk and have family all over  so there’s a grapevine and it’s buzzing right now”.  It seems in all the  states these Thinkers have friends or family black preachers really are — in  subtle or obvious ways, depending on the congregation — telling the faithful  that Democrats have turned against God and that the Democrat Convention in  Charlotte, in particular, was an abomination.  For the last few years a  realization has been building amongst black people that Democrats push abortion  as a means of black population control and the abortion advocates are now being  seen as virulent racists since it’s mostly black babies that are killed in the  womb.

I was told flat-out that the Thinkers were actually surprised that  Republicans have been “too stupid” to see that every time someone comes out  screaming about wanting more abortions that the correct response would be to  call that woman a racist and tell her that she’s only doing this so more black  babies could be killed.  ”That would shut those sluts up in a heartbeat if  Republicans would do that…just call them racists and they will run for the  hills.  It will work on the Planned Parenthood crowd. Go and start accusing  them of being a racist organization and watch all Hell break loose”.  The  Think Squad has always been very open about how useful accusing someone of being  a racist can be, particularly if you are doing it to anyone on the Left…since  the Left FREAKS OUT when its own weapons are used against it.

I’ve seen articles out there talking about how Obama’s decision to embrace  gay marriage has really hurt him with black people (which is true, since the  joke is he’s only for it now that “Reggie proposed to him!”) but it’s really the  abortion celebration that Democrats held in Charlotte that’s angered black women  in particular.  It’s pretty obvious that Democrats want to keep destroying  black families, killing black babies in the womb, and eventually replacing  blacks with Spanish-speakers who are uneducated and easier to control than  blacks (especially if Democrats can prevent Hispanics from learning English,  which is the Democrats’ goal).

“This election, right here, is a breaking point.  This is the election  where black folk sit down and say “NO MORE!” and we stay home.  I ain’t  voting.  First time in 30 years that I won’t.  I am sitting home and  everyone in my church is doing the same”, an angry Thinker said as we were all  putting on our coats.  I had on my Romney/Ryan campaign shirt, by the way,  which I wear everywhere in Chicago…and I have yet to have a single black person  say anything bad to me for wearing it, certainly not the Thinkers.  ”Some  black people are even going to vote for Romney, you watch.  He’s a smart  man and he’s not evil no matter what Obama would say.  He fixes things that  are broken and things sure are broken now and people who want jobs again are  going to pull the other lever this time”.

It’s estimated that Democrats only win national elections when blacks  comprise 11% or more of the electorate and simultaneously cast 90% or more of  their votes for Democrats.

The Think Squad has told me that through the grapevine they’re hearing  anecdotes that make them believe that not only will the share of the black vote  be less than 11% this time around (from black people staying home) but that more  black people than ever before in recent political history will actually be  voting either third party or for the Republican. This means that Democrats will  receive less than 90% of the black vote…and it means that states like  Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and even Oregon could go to  Romney on November 6th.

What the media’s not telling you is that if Democrats have really lost the  confidence and loyalty of black people because of their abortion-fest of a  Convention and the gay marriage push by Obama (not to mention Obama’s Bathhouse  Barry antics that blacks disapprove of) then Democrats have also lost the  loyalty of other people who’ve similarly forever been loyal to Democrats too.   There are Hispanics, Catholics, blue collar types, Jews, and other  formerly rock solid Democrat loyalists who have been turned off from the party  during this negative and nasty campaign that celebrated all the things about the  Democrat Party that used to be kept locked in the attic or the basement back  when Democrats tried pretending they were moderate to people.

The party is clearly controlled by the Left now, as evidenced by that debacle  in Charlotte.  And it is driving people away from the party.  In  droves.

There are probably versions of “The Think Squad” in Jewish circles, in  Hispanic groups, and in fill-in-the-blank demographic segments.  These are  people who once blindly voted Democrat but are so disappointed in Obama and so  disgusted by what Democrats have put on display this year that many are going to  sit home because they just can’t pull the lever for the party that celebrates  the killing of babies by their own mothers.

THAT is the big story of 2012 that’s unwritten, folks.  The killing of  babies in the womb by their own mothers is something Democrats celebrate…but  people in groups like The Think Squad are horrified by and will not participate  in by proxy at the ballot box.

As we walked down the stairs into the hotel lobby and started to say our  goodbyes the Thinkers all told me they expect Obama to lose and for it to not  even be close.  Then we all talked about the Obamas moving to Hawaii, where  everyone has heard they’ll be living in a $35 million estate by the ocean that  some rich bankers are buying from them.  I listened as the ladies told me  all about that, and how disgusted they were that the Obamas were just throwing  Chicago away like garbage and trading it all in for the high life in Hawaii.   Apparently, the grapevine has told the Thinkers that people all over the  country are upset about this post-presidential Hawaiian estate too…and how it  makes Obama look like a hypocrite because he claims Mitt Romney is too rich but  then look where the Obamas are planning to move to in January.

It’s interesting to know that the Bathhouse Barry and Hawaiian Estate stories  I’ve covered here on HB for a while now have eroded so much of Obama’s support  in certain circles and have undermined his ability to effectively attack Mitt  Romney on much of anything.  People see the current president as a punkass  cake boy who lies and does the exact things he accuses other people of doing,  oblivious to his own hypocrisy.

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rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - October 26, 2012, 1:32 am
A potentially explosive and I think fascinating piece on how some Blacks who claim inside information feel about Obama. It's written by a self-described Gay Conservative writer named Kevin Dujan who also has a little inside information himself. In this circle of prominent Chicago Blacks, Obama is known as Bathhouse Barry and labeled a punkass cake boy (whatever that is). They also say he's got "the slims". You'll find out what that is when you read it. Scuttlebutt or truth? You decide.

sully16Comment by sully16 - October 26, 2012, 9:22 am
Great article, Sadly, most don't want to know or choose to ignore this fraud of a president , we live in a nation where folks plop down in front of the tv and watch the garbage being exploited for profit and where deviant behavior is encouraged, and guess who the leader is?

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