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I Love Trees But...


.........I Love Paper! As an avid reader, paper has always been a huge part of my life. Nothing makes me happier than looking at my bookshelves full of wonderful stories just waiting to be discovered between the covers.

I buy books like crazy. Oh,and I'm a cheapo when it comes to wheeling and dealing.Ebay,Amazon,Biblio,Alibris and half.com all get the once over when searching for a particular book. I'll bid on books and if a message comes back saying I was outbid....oh well....will just wait until I can find one when the price is right. Waited almost 10 years for one book,lol. In 1998 a book at the library caught my attention..N.C. Wyeth by David Michaelis. (I love biographies!) Checked it out and read about the first 2 chapters then returned it intending to buy it one day. Over the years I saw it come out in paperback and finally grabbed a very good copy for about $7.00 shipping included a couple of years ago. So it took awhile :) But now it's in my library ready to be enjoyed anytime I feel like it.

Visiting the library this week after many years was an eye-opener. What a sad state our libraries have become.Book selection is not what it used to be. We have over a dozen libraries here and I was surprised at how crowded they've become. I used to be the only person browsing the long empty aisles...those were great quiet times. But no more. I'm sure it's due to the recession how many people are on the computers and probably looking for work. Very sad. And noisy. Libraries aren't for relaxation anymore.

I'm also sad to see all these electronic readers come into play. Kindles,Nooks,whatever they call them. I hear people saying paper books will become obselete one of these days. You might as well bury me now,lol. Reading in bed with a thick book is the best part of my day before sleep. Cuddling up with a hand held screen just doesn't sound the same! Dead 

Accidently got sent a Large Print edition of a book I ordered. At first disappointment set in when I thought of the hassle of returning it. But then I started reading it and...HEY....I LIKE this! First off...it makes the book thicker (which I love!) and WOW...so much easier to read even though I feel like a first grader.Big Grin Now when looking for books I find myself checking to see if it comes in large print. By the time I reach my golden years I'll be prepared :)   

So you can keep your old touch screens,Amazon. I'm stocking up now in case that day ever comes when "paper" is another word that becomes obselete like "laser discs" :)   

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - November 1, 2012, 9:45 pm
You go Girl, read on....!!
Comment by GASMETERGUY - November 2, 2012, 10:43 am
There is another side to the coming E-books. Authors that can not find a publisher can now put their works on line.

I possessed the desire to be a writer in my younger days, when I could think of clever phases and apt descriptions. Those days are gone due to dead brain cells. I never found a publisher. Today I might dust off those old manuscripts and put them on the web.

Hooray for me!

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