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The Ultimate A-Z Guide To Obama's First Term


The Ultimate A-Z Guide To Obama’s First Term
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 13:13


9/11 now somehow even more painful
9/11 is now associated with two anti-American terrorist attacks. Despite warnings an attack was coming, he failed to act.
Earlier, tried turning 9/11 into some kind of national holiday for liberalism.
Automobile industry nationalized and weakened
In “saving” the auto industry, he handed ownership of the companies to his campaign contributors (the auto unions).
In doing so, rightful owners were forced out — many of which were public pensioners (teachers, firemen, etc.), who unsuccessfully sued.
When Ford capitalized on the bailout’s unpopularity in a TV ad, he forced the company to stop airing it. 
The consulate was under threat long before 9/11, yet he failed to bolster security.
Ambassador Christopher Stevens himself warned of gathering threats.
His vice president’s words of consolation to the father of former Navy SEAL slain in the attack: “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”
During the attack, repeated requests for backup were denied.
When asked about requests for backup being denied, he refused to answer.
The White House likely used an aerial drone to watch the attack as it happened.
When meeting the father of one of the men who died fighting off the attack, he was cold, impersonal, and ungrateful.
When his secretary of State met a father of one of the slain SEALs, she vowed to prosecute an American filmmaker who played no role in the attack.
The CIA found terrorist links the following day, yet he continued blaming an unrelated YouTube video.
After claiming in the second presidential debate to have labeled the attack “terrorism” the following day, he admitted after the debate he avoided describing the attack that way.
Courts and other offices packed with radicals
David Hamilton, most infamous for his rulings against laws requiring sex offenders to register with the state, was nominated to the 7th Court of Appeals.
Louis Butler, whom Wisconsin voters twice voted off the bench after dismantling rules against frivolous lawsuits (amongst other things), was nominated to a federal district court.
Robert Chatigny, who infamously partially excused a rapist-murder of his crimes because of the perp’s penchant for “sexual sadism,” was nominated to the 2nd Court of Appeals.
His EPA administrator subscribes to redistributive economics called “environmental justice.”
His secretary of Transportation openly advocates using government to force people to stop driving cars. 
Hired the John Paulson — the billionaire most famous for selling subprime mortgage-backed securities — to help write “consumer protection” legislation.
Debt is now threatening America’s very existence
Despite running on promises to cut federal spending and slash the deficit in half by the end of his first term, federal spending
Immediately sent debt skyrocketing.
For months he deferred calls to act on the deficit and debt by creating a commission to handle the issue; after the commission issued its report, he ignored it entirely.
Since taking office, Americans’ share of the debt is going up $50/day.
Has plans to increase spending another 49 percent over the next 10 years.
Increased food stamp usage 50 percent.
His “balanced” deficit reduction plan is 88 percent tax hikes.
Embarrassing gaffes are an every-day thing
Misspelled the Chinese president’s name during a state visit.
Displayed the Philipines flag upside down at official event, forcing an apology.
Gave Russian officials a symbolic “reset” button that was written in Russian, but which actually spelled something completely different.
Misspelled Rhode Island as “Road Island.”
Spelled “Americans” wrong, too.
Gave British Prime Minister Gordon Browns a gift of … DVDs, which — even worse — were in the wrong format.
Thought Austrians spoke “Austrian.”
Misquoted Lincoln in a State of the Union address.
In making fun of Republicans’ grasp of history, mangles history himself.
Despite having a constitutional law background, he misstates constitutional law in an unscripted attempt at defending ObamaCare (eventually forcing his Dept. of Justice to issue a “correction”).
Didn’t know the difference between the Malvinas and the Maldives.
Compared his campaign staffers to the embassy staff killed in Libya.
Removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office; after a columnist ridiculed the move, his administration called the columnist a liar and reassured the Brits the bust remained. But in fact the columnist was right — the Brits had taken the bust after the White House removed it — and the administration was forced to apologize.
Favors for friends, not for the people
Disposed of Department of Labor rules that mandated unions are transparent with their spending because the rules were overly effective highlighting fraud.
Issued new global warming rules in January 2011, offering General Electric an exemption in February.
Less than a year into ObamaCare, 733 waivers were issued, almost all to political allies and unions.
Whilst “saving” GM, union workers’ pensions remained intact, while non-union workers were given the shaft.
Covered up a program that pays union workers taxpayer money to lobby the government for more unions.
While he regularly ridiculed the Tea Party, he instructed the GSA to “stand down” on Occupy Wall Street.
Created program to give free cell phones to (primarily) people already receiving government assistance, giving the lucrative contract to a wireless company owned by one of his campaign contributors.
Bought ads on MSNBC using taxpayer money to promote stimulus programs.
Used ObamaCare funds to give business to his senior adviser’s former firm.
Included $10 billion in his health-care law for the United Auto Workers and other union retirees.
Sought exemptions for unions in the ObamaCare bill itself.
Gas is up, as is the price of everything else
Price of gas upon taking office: $1.78/gallon. Average price in 2012: $3.16.
He actually sought higher gas prices from the get go: “Obama suggested that the main problem with high gasoline prices is their rapid rise, not their total of about $4 a gallon. ‘I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment,’ Obama said.”
Despite boasting of increased domestic oil production, he actually fought court orders mandating his administration to act on deep-water drilling permits, eventually leading to being found in contempt of court.
Hired an energy secretary who sought to double — or triple — gasoline prices.
The number of dollars in circulation has tripled.
Health care made unaffordable, less effective, and in shorter supply
His secretary of Health and Human Services threatened to put out of business insurance companies that communicated with their customers about the potential impact of ObamaCare.
Broke almost every health-care promise he made on the campaign trail.
The Mayo Clinic, which he touted as an example of what ObamaCare can accomplishes, trashed the bill.
ObamaCare forbids insurers from using drug use to impact premiums.
Sought to utilize “interventions” in private homes to raise awareness among seniors of their end-of-life options.
States are forced to pick up ObamaCare’s tab.
ObamaCare taxes the uninsured, breaking a campaign promise.
Sought to exempt Congress from ObamaCare.
Justified ObamaCare by citing the plight of 48 million uninsured Americans — a figure that proved wildly inaccurate.
ObamaCare does not view races equally under the law.
ObamaCare increases taxes on families earning more than $250,000.
ObamaCare amendments that would have outlawed health-care rationing were blocked.
ObamaCare destroys five freedoms we once enjoyed.
Americans liked ObamaCare even less than HillaryCare.
ObamaCare forces insurance companies to “justify” raising premiums.
ObamaCare creates a new tax on investments.
ObamaCare puts new limitations on those with HSA and FSAs.
ObamaCare taxes Americans who buy medical devices.
ObamaCare increases payroll taxes.
ObamaCare taxes insurance plans.
ObamaCare taxes employers.
ObamaCare taxes uninsured Americans.
ObamaCare taxes drug companies.
ObamaCare increases corporate taxes.
ObamaCare taxes self-insured health plans.
ObamaCare taxes tanning salons.
ObamaCare increases taxes on energy companies.
ObamaCare penalizes marriage.
ObamaCare puts Medicare decisions in the hands of an unelected board.
ObamaCare taxes health insurers.
ObamaCare won’t let you keep the plan you like.
ObamaCare created a new entitlement program called CLASS.
ObamaCare makes more than half of America dependent on the government for health care.
ObamaCare cleared its own budget path by defunding Medicare’s most successful program.
ObamaCare utilized an executive order to reinsert provisions that were so controversial they were stripped out before the bill passed.
ObamaCare is destroying the health insurance market for kids.
Cooked the books to show ObamaCare reduces the size of government.
ObamaCare’s ostensible savings were ridiculed by the head of Medicare.
ObamaCare creates new tax forms for small business.
ObamaCare arranged for the hiring of spies to investigate private doctors.
ObamaCare violated existing federal law.
ObamaCare effectively bans physician-owned specialty hospitals.
ObamaCare, contrary to the administration’s claims, expands the deficit.
ObamaCare let a few select states avoid its worst provisions.
ObamaCare forced even Democratic governors to seek an escape hatch.
ObamaCare’s onerous impact on small business ridiculed by Starbucks CEO.
Nearly 20 percent of ObamaCare waivers went to gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, and fancy hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s district.
ObamaCare expands coverage meant as a safety net for the poor into the middle class.
ObamaCare immunizes the Independent Payment Advisory Board from lawsuits resulting from the way its decisions impact patients.
ObamaCare tasks the IRS with collecting the newly created tanning-bed tax.
Eighty-seven percent of ObamaCare waivers went to his supporters.
ObamaCare forces Catholic organizations to violate their faith.
ObamaCare violates the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty.
Changed his legal argument justifying ObamaCare mid-stream.
ObamaCare funds bike lanes and pet neutering.
ObamaCare’s passage relied on secret deal between the White House and the pharmaceutical industry. 
Indecisiveness plagues an administration obsessed with being popular
When Afghanistan was falling apart and debate simmered over what course to take, Obama took several months to weigh in.
Wouldn’t comment on whether he agreed with his appointee that the pope is a discredited leader.
Justice perverted by his attorney general and Department of Justice
DoJ overturned a legitimate North Carolina vote that ended the use of party ID in local elections because it was thought to potentially hurt Democrats.
DoJ threatened Oklahoma not to pass a planned English-only education reform.
DoJ let political ally Bill Richardson off the hook.
DoJ sued Arizona for attempting to enforce existing immigration law.
DoJ sued Alabama for attempting to enforce existing immigration law.
DoJ dismissed a voter fraud case it had already won against two Black Panthers.
DoJ sought to dramatically expand its workforce, despite lawyers having so little to do, they’re often found playing Solitare, watching videos, and venting about their lack of work.
His Attorney General Eric Holder was earlier most notorious for arranging a pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists.
Holder also arranged a pardon for tax cheat/fugitive Marc Rich.
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