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U.S. Continues Descent Toward Third World Status; Loses Top 10 Position Among Most Prosperous Countr


U.S. Continues Descent Toward Third World Status; Loses Top 10 Position Among Most Prosperous Countries
Thursday, November 8, 2012 5:32


As much of the zombie-like public is still focused on which two of the political hack parties are going to offer a better direction for the future, the only direction that the U.S. is currently (and consistently) headed is directly into the Third World.

The United States is exhibiting every sign of becoming a Third World country, as evidenced by its failings in 10 key areas, and for the first time it has dropped from a top-ten position in the 2012 Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index, as covered in the video below. Perhaps most significantly, itsEconomy fell to 20th — Malaysia and Thailand are 15th and 18th respectively. Equally as troubling isSafety & Security which came in at 27th. Personal Freedom at 14th was on par with Uruguay and Costa Rica; and only 16 places above Botswana. (Ranking Page)

For those with the means, skills, and a supportive structure of family and friends, now might be the time to seriously consider leaving America for brighter shores to escape America’s decline. Or at least consider offshore banking to preserve your assets.

The battle for freedom is global, and America has gone rogue, therefore one should not feel unpatriotic for fulfilling their desire for freedom elsewhere. For those who value entrepreneurship, innovation, self-sufficiency, basic human rights and limited government, all of the facts point to America being a very dangerous place indeed.


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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - November 8, 2012, 9:37 am
If I was younger I would consider another nation.
What is going to happen now is some states are going to consider seceding from the union.
I went to bed thinking about that last night. It would not surprise me to see it happen.

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