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The Petition To Impeach Barack Obama ( Urgent Forword ASAP )


The Petition To Impeach Barack Obama

November 3, 2012  By Sean Francisco

Impeach logo The Petition to Impeach Barack Obama

Americans are being systematically targeted and murdered by the Obama Administration on suspicions alone and without respect to Due Process of Law. There is no trial by jury and no appeal, just an execution that is carried out by agents of the US Government on orders of the President.

An “extrajudicial killing” is defined as the killing of a person by government authorities without any judicial proceedings or sanctioned legal process. It is by definition unlawful, as it bypasses the Due Process of Law in the jurisdiction in which it is carried out in.

When President Obama ordered the deaths of Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan for suspected terrorist activities, he conspired in the unlawful murder of American Citizens. These men, both Americans, were summarily executed along with others without any respect for the Law.

There is no question that Barack Obama conspired to commit the murders of Americans. Not only has he admitted his role in the deaths of these Americans, he has defended his participation in these unlawful acts against these Americans, deeming them a threat to the United States.

All Americans are at risk of “extrajudicial killing” if and when they are deemed a threat to the United States. Any citizen of this country may be put to death without Due Process of Law upon orders of Barack Obama.

To protect Americans from wanton murder at the hands of government agents , the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, must propose a Resolution calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the issue of impeaching Barack Obama for the crime of murder.

This is the only way for our elected officials to prove that no one is above the Rule of Law.


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mrlottery15Comment by mrlottery15 - November 11, 2012, 12:32 am
Will racism every die????
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 12:48 am
It not racism !!!! Barry is a Incompetent Commander in Chief .

Despite the best efforts of Obama’s administration and his liberal lap-dog media to keep things covered up, the facts surrounding the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi are slowly coming out. Only two conclusions can be logically drawn from the facts slowly coming to light: Either Obama is completely incompetent or he is guilty of serious criminal neglect in his duties as President. He and his administration are directly responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans killed in the terrorist attack on 9/11. Maybe he should have attended a few more security briefings than fund raisers?

Issa, R-Calif., and Chaffetz, R- Utah, state that they have information from an individuals “with direct knowledge of events in Libya.” These individuals state that U.S. diplomats in Libya made repeated requests for increased security for the consulate in Benghazi and were repeatedly turned down by officials in Washington.

While Obama and his cronies still try to spin the story that this well-orchestrated attack was simply a spontaneous popular protest to a YouTube video clip, the facts point to a very different conclusion. This attack was actually the latest in a series of attacks, about 13 separate incidents since April according to experts, on Western diplomats in Libya over the last several months. Here are just a few examples:
â– In April, a gun battle erupted about 2 miles from the consulate between an unidentified armed group and forces loyal to the transitional government.
â– On April 6, two Libyans who were fired by a security contractor threw a bomb over the consulate wall.
â– On June 6, a bomb blast blew a in the security perimeter big enough for 40 men to get through.
â– Just weeks before the attack, the unarmed Libyan guards at the consulate, employed by the British contactor, Blue Mountain Group, were warned by family members to quit their jobs because there were rumors of an impending attack.

Of course Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an Obama administration expert on “man-caused disasters” and what the proper U.S. response to “overseas contingencies” should be … when asked about the security measure in Libya on September 11th, stated; “Let me assure you that our security in Benghazi included a unit of host government security forces, as well as a local guard force of the kind that we rely on in many places around the world.”

I am sorry … but that is frightening! So where were they? This laughable level of security is typical world-wide? I would think a “reduction in the security profile doesn’t seem consistent with the threat on the ground.” Unless … maybe it was to try and persuade American voters that Muslims love us now because Obama is President.

And where was Obama … at a fund raiser in Las Vegas?

Couple this ridiculous, incompetent security fiasco in Libya and its resulting American deaths and Obama administration coverup … with the recent facts coming out the Obama administration lies surrounding Fast and Furious … and it gets even scarier!

Now we hear about another 57-odd American guns … walked across the Mexican border by the ATF with no means of tracking them. And … that it was not just Arizona’s border … but also involved Texas and Florida! And that some of these guns were used in a brutal massacre by a Mexican drug cartel … resulting in the deaths of 16 high school students and 12 more being injured! The truth is … we were never supposed to know about these guns. And … we would not have … except that they screwed up badly and a Border Patrol Agent got killed. Those guns were snuck across the border by Obama’s administration so that when one was eventually used in a crime … Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder could point to it and say, “See … we need to register, confiscate, and ban private ownership of guns in America!”

Kind of sheds a bit of light on … and makes sense of … Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s stubborn support of the U.N. arms control treaty efforts … doesn’t it!

And … just a comment about Obama’s liberal lap-dog press/campaign publicity team. The liberal media has truly become an enemy to America … and a free Democracy.

The Founding Fathers wanted and created a free press … to serve as a watch dog on the government and to protect the people from government excesses. I remember when it did not matter whether you were a Republican or a Democrat … the press was on your ass … they were truly government watchdogs. Now they are simply another one of Obama’s publicity tools!

It is bad enough when the liberal media works tirelessly to shield their Messiah from any negative press (despite its truth or accuracy); while savagely attacking any challenger with innuendo, half-truths, and out-right lies. But when the press begins to decides which, or what, “truth” the American people should hear … then they are no longer a free press! They are simply the willing tool of a dictatorship. And … they have become the enemy of a free people!

paradisenowComment by paradisenow - November 11, 2012, 1:26 am
Racism will never die because we the people will always have evil inside of us .... HUMAN BEINGS ARE DEEM TO DESTROY EACH
four4meComment by four4me - November 11, 2012, 1:31 am
you better hope they don't seek you out for posting this garbage
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 1:51 am
This crap that went on in Benghazi and ultimately ended up with the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans cannot go unpunished. You see, Obama went on his mission to confuse the American people by blaming Al Qaeda, the CIA, The Intelligence Committee, The State Department and whomever else he could find, like Hillary. The truth is Obama is directly responsible for the attack on American citizens in Benghazi and he cannot escape his responsibility. This is a crime by the President of the United States by default and everyone knows it. This kind of criminal activity on the part of our President is inexcusable and cannot be ignored. Something must be done and it is the duty of our Congress to bring about charges of negligence, inattention to duty and Negligent Homicide. In the meantime Obama must either be removed from his office or he must resign.

Too long the American people have suffered under this man’s incompetence, ineptitude, arrogance and cowardice. Now we have to put up with his dereliction of duty which has resulted in the deaths of our citizens. No longer should America endure this incompetent fool running the country. It is the solemn duty of the Congress of the United States to remove this man from office for his crimes against our citizens and his crimes against those individuals who serve the people of America.

   Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives but acquitted at the trials held by the Senate: Andrew Johnson (trial) and Bill Clinton (trial). The House Judiciary Committee voted on Articles of Impeachment for President Richard Nixon, but he resigned before the full House of Representatives could vote on any articles. Since the entire House did not vote, Nixon was never impeached.
threetwowinComment by threetwowin - November 11, 2012, 1:53 am
racism      u freakin goof balls .... dam man can even say the pledge and wont
   he has not did one dam thing right so far      o   4give me yall must b gettin youyr insurance for free....   i for one pay 165 a week out my check             yall better wake up
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 1:59 am
Al-Qaida supporters. Terrorist suspects. Anti-Semites and jihadists previously kicked off government boards. All are now welcome in the Obama White House, according to visitor logs.

White House records show dozens of radical Islamists have made hundreds of visits to the White House since 2009. They've met with senior White House officials in discussions that have involved only a handful of participants. Many visits have taken place this year.

The potential security breaches were revealed in a new report by the Washington-based Investigative Project on Terrorism following a year-long probe.

"The open-door policy of the Obama administration to radical Islamists is not only reflected in the number of visits to the White House by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front groups but profoundly in major policy areas," IPT director Steve Emerson told IBD.

The meetings have coincided with homeland security policy changes the White House guests and their front groups have clamored for, including purging language such as "radical Islam" and "war on terror" from the government's official lexicon.

The administration also recently censored Islamic references in thousands of pages of counterterrorism training materials used by the FBI, Homeland Security and Pentagon, while firing many of the trainers who wrote or used the materials.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:03 am
Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.

The IPT made the discovery combing through millions of White House visitor log entries. IPT compared the visitors' names with lists of known radical Islamists. Among the visitors were officials representing groups which have:
Been designated by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorist trials; Extolled Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and Hizballah;
Obstructed terrorist investigations by instructing their followers not to cooperate with law enforcement;
Promoted the incendiary conspiratorial allegation that the United States is engaged in a "war against Islam"— a leading tool in recruiting Muslims to carry out acts of terror;
Repeatedly claimed that many of the Islamic terrorists convicted since 9-11 were framed by the U.S government as part of an anti-Muslim profiling campaign.

Individuals from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) visited the White House at least 20 times starting in 2009. In 2008, CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist money laundering case in U.S. history – the trial of the Holy Land Foundation in which five HLF officials were convicted of funneling money to Hamas.

U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis later ruled that, "The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the association" of CAIR to Hamas, upholding their designations as unindicted co-conspirators. In 2008, the FBI formally ended all contact with CAIR because of its ties to Hamas.

In January 2004, Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR's Los Angeles office, publicly defended Palestinian terror attacks in comments before Muslim students at the University of California – Los Angeles, saying that terrorists were exercising their "legitimate right" to defend themselves against Israeli occupation.

Ayloush, who was a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., casts the United States as controlled by Israeli interests. At a 2008 CAIR banquet in San Diego, he imagined "an America that respects and humanizes religion. It's an America that is free to act on its values and not on the interests of any foreign lobby." In 2004, he said that the war on terror had become a "war on Muslims." Ayloush attended at least two White House meetings.

The logs show Ayloush met with Paul Monteiro, associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement on July 8, 2011 and Amanda Brown, assistant to the White House director of political affairs Patrick Gaspard, on June 6, 2009.

According to reliable sources, Monteiro was White House liaison for secret contacts with CAIR, especially with Ayloush. IPT has learned that the White House logs curiously have omitted Ayloush's three meetings with two other senior White House officials.

Louay Safi, formerly executive director of the Islamic Society of North America, visited the White House twice – meeting in intimate settings with Paul Monteiro on June 29, 2011 and July 8, 2011.

Law enforcement first noticed Safi in 1995 when his voice was captured in an FBI wiretap of now-convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian. At the time of his conversation with Al-Arian, Safi served as executive director of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, an organization listed in law-enforcement and in internal Muslim Brotherhood documents as one of the movement's top front groups in North America.

Safi also wrote for the Middle East Affairs Journal, produced by the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR). That group was established by Hamas deputy political leader Mousa Abu Marzook and part of the Hamas-support network called the "Palestine Committee."

Safi has repeatedly expressed understanding for the underlying causes that provoke terrorism: "Terrorism cannot be fought by…ignoring its root causes. The first step…is to examine the conditions that give rise to the anger, frustration, and desperation that fuel all terrorist acts." He also called Palestinian terrorists "freedom" fighters.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:27 am

With massive layoffs happening due to Obamacare, what other genius plans does Obama have for employment? Know you need to ask your self will " I be next ?? "
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:33 am

Job Losses and Layoffs from ObamaCare:

U.S. employers have warned that President Obama’s government takeover of health care would destroy American jobs and harm our economy. President Obama’s health care law is not yet a week old, but already we’re seeing the real-life impact that .
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:48 am
Under the cover of darkness and a media blackout, Barack Hussein Obama has signed HR 347 into law. Most of you may think that it is just another law with no teeth,but think again! HR 347 has cancelled out our First Amendment rights to free speech and to peaceably protest where secret service agents are present, and at their discretion. Remember all of the town hall meetings with our elected leaders? They will now be a thing of the past. We the People HAVE LOST OUR VOICE!!!
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:54 am
Barack Obama made the following statement to American families that are struggling to survive in this economy: “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.” A few days after making that statement Obama sent his wife and children off on yet another vacation, this time to a luxury ski hotel in Vail, Colorado. Barack Obama suckered you into voting for him and then turned his back on everyone he made promise’s to except the gays.

The Obamas are not the only ones enjoying the high life. Wealthy corporate executives and greedy Wall Street fatcats insist that profit margins are too tight to hire more American workers, and yet sales of luxury cars, private jets and vacation homes are soaring. Meanwhile, most American families are going through economic hell right now. In 2010, more Americans than ever before were living below the poverty line. Over 4 million Americans have been unemployed for more than a year, and over 5 million Americans are at least two months behind on their mortgage payments. As the Obamas and wealthy corporate executives jet off to fancy ski resorts, half of all American workers are earning $505 or less per week and 55 percent of American families are living paycheck to paycheck. Something is very wrong with this picture.

Thanks to the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve, Wall Street bankers and top corporate executives are once again enjoying bonuses that most of us would consider obscene.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the country is suffering very deeply. Obama made the false and mis leading statement YES WE CAN. What he really meant is YES WE CAN fool the American people into believing things will get better. What a joke. There are two different Americas today. There is the America of the gated communities, the private planes and the good life, and there is the America of declining wages, thrift stores and rising desperation,unemployment and food stamps. According to one recent study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010.

Do you think that the Obamas are thinking about any of this while they are enjoying their stay at a luxury ski hotel in Vail, Colorado?

The truth is that leadership is not just about words. Leadership is about setting an example.

Back in August, Michelle Obama took her daughter Sasha and 40 of her friends for a vacation in Spain.

So what was the bill to the taxpayers for that little vacation to spain?

It is estimated that vacation alone cost U.S. taxpayers $375,000. How many homeless people could that have fed ?

Hey, Barack Obama won the most votes in 2008 and so if he wants his family to get as much enjoyment out of these four years as they can that is his prerogative.

However, if he wants to tell American families that they “might put off a vacation” after all the vacations that the Obamas have taken over the past two years then he is just being a massive hypocrite.

According to the New York Post, Barack Obama enjoyed a total of 10 separate vacations that stretched over a total of 90 vacation days during the years of 2009 and 2010.

During his first two years in office, he also managed to play 29 rounds of golf.

Oh, but it is the rest of us that have to cut back on our vacations. The economic collapse of America is almost upon us and there isn’t one thing you can do about it but be prepared.
mrlottery15Comment by mrlottery15 - November 11, 2012, 8:32 am
President Bush was the most Incompetent President in Modern history did try to get petition to impeach him. I could give a host of the items and justification as to why he should have been impeach. No you want get on a lottery site give all the false reasons. When you should just stand up an admit that I am racist and let it go at that them maybe I could accept what you are saying. I got a question for you. Where are all the KKK members hiding now? I can tell within the Republican Party. You are the biggest hypocrite because you will not admit that you are a racist. You lost the election so get over of it. I will notify the Secret Service to check you out because a person with this much hate is very dangerous to the country and our society as a whole.
threetwowinComment by threetwowin - November 11, 2012, 9:27 am
you stupid ... his record speaks for it self dumb ass... hes done nothing but go down hill...
   cant aruge with what we can see with our own eyes ...carter was the worse pres not bush learn something..... but hes not any more the so called one now is by far the worse ever...   fact that is
mrlottery15Comment by mrlottery15 - November 11, 2012, 10:06 am
You need find you another play to post you lies and still to lottery numbers on this site. I think that is all the people on this site is interested in. History will tell what kind of President- President Obama was....and just leave at that. If you do not like this country find another one. This country does not belong to you. It was taken from the Native Americans and we all know how that happen.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 10:49 am
A Comprehensive List Of Obama’s Worst Executive Order

(Correction: This is a list of executive orders in force that outline Emergency Powers. Some of these were signed by prior US Presidents going back all the way to JFK. Obama specifically has signed executive orders starting with the number EO-13489 and forward. But these all reference powers Obama could use to limit your freedoms. Here is a full list of Obama Executive Orders.)

There have been over 900 Executive orders put forth from Obama, and he is not even through his first term yet. He is creating a martial law ‘Disney Land’ of control covering everything imaginable. Some of the executive orders he has signed recently have been exposed thanks to ‘Friends of Conservative Action Alerts.’ They have compiled a choice list of ‘Emergency Powers, Martial law executive orders’: Get your headache medication out while you still can without a prescription.

* Executive Order 10990 allows the Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

* Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

* Executive Order 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.

* Executive Order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

* Executive Order 11001 allows the government to take over all health education and welfare functions.

* Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

* Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

* Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations.

* Executive Order 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.

* Executive Order 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issues over a fifteen-year period.

* Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

* Executive Order 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute Industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

* Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

It is more than clear that Obama is planning for the total control and takeover of America via Martial Law. Food, energy, transportation, work, banking, and health…he has it covered.

While Obama is busy pulling executive orders out of the sky to control everything inside our country, he has been issuing executive orders to force us to submit to international regulations instead of our Constitution. Sher Zieve exposed this in one of her recent articles.   the U.S. Constitution,   the American people and   U.S. sovereignty.

We must send faxes, emails, and make calls to all congressman and demand they stop Obama’s perverted, extreme, and Unconstitutional abuse of Executive Orders. It is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting America, our sovereignty, and our Constitution. So far, they seem to be protecting the Obama – Marxist takeover plans…peppered with a little U.N. and Islam.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 10:56 am
Operation Fast and Furious has left a hideous scar on our nation to date.

It should result in the prosecution of Attorney General Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, and a slew of ATF supervisors who oversaw the ridiculous operation from the word go.

As a result of their foolishness and criminality, taxpayer money was used in the purchase of weapons intentionally passed to criminals, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is dead, hundreds upon hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed, and over one thousand firearms are still unaccounted for. (Although the lion’s share of those weapons will probably be found in Mexico, we know some are undoubtedly in the U.S. because they keep showing up at crime scenes in Arizona and Texas.)

Yet as bad as Fast and Furious was, and will continue to be when as more facts unfold, I am persuaded that Obama’s clear usurpation of the Constitution via his misuse of Executive Orders is worse.

In other words, although Fast and Furious was a completely lawless situation that has endangered both Mexicans and Americans physically, and which is being used even now to push for more gun control, it was largely conducted under a cover of secrecy.

But Obama’s attempts to legislate from the White House are being done right in the open and pose a clear violation to the separation of powers established by our Founding Fathers nearly 225 years ago. This strikes at the very core of our nation’s foundation by disrupting the pattern and order of government set forth in the Constitution, as well as the customs and conventions we’ve trusted heretofore.

The Constitution clearly gives the power of legislating to Congress – period.

A check on that power resides in the Executive Office, where the president can sign acts into law or not. In this he has some discretion over what kind of acts Congress passes into law, but he has no authority to legislate: no authority whatsoever. And he cannot create authority to legislate because all authority belongs to the people, save that authority which they delegate to various office holders and branches of government in ways plainly outlined in the Constitution.

Remember: All powers not delegated to the government by the Constitution, “nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In other words, original powers outside of those delegated to the federal government continue to reside with the people (see 10th Amendment).

When Obama stands before crowds of zombie-like hippies, freaks, or union employees, and uses the mantra “We can’t wait” to justify legislating in Congress’ place, he’s not only taking a power unto himself that isn’t his to take, he’s also bypassing a check purposely placed on his office by our Founding Fathers. The simple fact is, Congress has checked Obama’s agenda and refuses to pass legislation that would further it. Yet because Obama is even haughtier than your typical leftist, he refuses to be checked.

In just the past few months the little emperor has used Executive Orders to reduce the size of student loan payments, to create new gun control laws, and to enable Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to allow borrowers who owe more than their houses are worth to refinance at lower interest rates.

We have a serious problem on our hands here folks. This man has absolutely no respect for our Constitution or for the office of the president. He would be king, if we would but be his subjects.

Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2011/11/16/obamas-abuse-of-executive-orders-worse-than-fast-and-furious/#ixzz2BvigmWfZ
mrlottery15Comment by mrlottery15 - November 11, 2012, 11:19 am
Why do you run for office since you think you are so smart. I doubt if anyone would vote for some one as crazy as you....
Comment by Piaceri - November 11, 2012, 11:32 am
If racism is now defined as disagreeing politically, then we are all racists.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 11:40 am
Do you want to know what the future of America is going to look like? Just check out what is happening to Detroit. The city of Detroit was once one of the greatest industrial cities in the history of the world, but today it is a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole. Nearly half the men are unemployed, nearly half the population is functionally illiterate, more than half of the children are living in poverty and the city government is drowning in debt. As economic conditions have gotten worse, crime has absolutely exploded. Every single night in Detroit there are frightening confrontations between desperate criminals and exasperated homeowners. Unfortunately, the police force in Detroit has been dramatically reduced in size. When the police in Detroit are called, they often show up very late if they even show up at all. Detroit has become a lawless hellhole where violence is the currency of the streets. If you want to survive in Detroit, you better be ready to fight because there are hordes of desperate criminals that are quite eager to take literally everything that you have got. But don't look down on Detroit too much, because what is happening in Detroit will soon be happening all over America.

The following are 20 things we can learn about the future of America from the death of Detroit....

#1 People don't want to live where the stench of failure and decay is constantly in the air. Back in the 1950s, Detroit was a teeming metropolis of approximately 2 million people. According to the 2010 census, only 713,000 people live in Detroit today. The U.S. Census Bureau says that Detroit lost a resident every 22 minutes during the first decade of this century.

#2 When the economy falls apart, desperate people will do desperate things and many homeowners will fight back. Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by a staggering 79 percent during 2011.

#3 In major cities where people are scrambling just to survive, any confrontation can quickly escalate into a life or death affair. The rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is currently 2200% above the national average.

#4 When there is not enough money to go around, a lot of local governments will choose to cut back on police protection. Ten years ago, there were approximately 5,000 police for the city of Detroit. Today, there are less than 3,000.

#5 The essential social services that you are enjoying today will not always be there in the future. Officials in Detroit recently announced that due to budget constraints, all police stations will be closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

#6 Economic decay is a breeding ground for chaos and violence. Last Friday and Saturday, a total of nine shootings were reported in the city of Detroit.

#7 More Americans than ever are realizing the benefits of self-defense. The following is what 73-year-old Julia Brown recently told the Daily....

The last time Brown, 73, called the Detroit police, they didn’t show up until the next day. So she applied for a permit to carry a handgun and says she’s prepared to use it against the young thugs who have taken over her neighborhood, burglarizing entire blocks, opening fire at will and terrorizing the elderly with impunity.
#8 When crime gets go bad that the police are powerless to stop it, vigilante groups begin to form....

In fact, crime has gotten so bad and the citizens are so frustrated by the lack of police assistance that they have resorted to forming their own organizations to fight back. One group, known as "Detroit 300", was formed after a 90-year-old woman on Detroit's northwest side was brutally raped in August.
#9 When criminals become desperate, they will steal literally anything that is not bolted down. In Detroit today, thieves have stripped so much copper wiring out of the street lights that half of all the lights in some neighborhoods no longer work.

#10 As things fall apart, eventually a time comes when it is not even safe to drive down the road in the middle of the day. 100 bus drivers in Detroit recently refused to drive their routes out of fear of being attacked on the streets. The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, said that the drivers were literally "scared for their lives"....

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.
#11 One of the clearest signs of decline in America is the state of our education system. Only 25 percent of all students in Detroit end up graduating from high school. Many other major cities will soon have graduation rates similar to Detroit.

#12 When local governments run out of money they are forced to make tough choices. After already shutting down dozens of schools, officials in Detroit have announced plans to close down 16 more schools.

#13 A growing percentage of Americans cannot even read or write. This is a very frightening indication of what the future of America could look like. According to one stunning report, 47 percent of all people living in the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

#14 Sadly, child poverty is absolutely exploding all over the United States. Today, 53.6 percent of all children that live in Detroit are living below the poverty line.

#15 The employment situation in America is a lot worse than the government is telling us. An analysis of census figures found that 48.5% of all men living in Detroit from age 20 to age 64 did not have a job in 2008.

#16 When a major city becomes a hellhole, home prices fall like a rock. The median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.

#17 When crime and looting become commonplace, homes in an area can become absolutely worthless. Some homes in Detroit have been sold for a single dollar.

#18 When depression-like conditions exist in an area for a number of years, large numbers of people will move on to greener pastures. As of a few years ago, there were more than 40,000 vacant properties in the city of Detroit.

#19 Just because we have a high standard of living today does not mean that will always be the case. Detroit is just a rotting shell of what it once was, and what is happening to Detroit will happen to much of the rest of America very soon. The following is what one British reporter found during his visit to Detroit....

Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.
#20 When government finances collapse, politicians look for things to sell off and "privatize". Unfortunately, the Detroit city government is so broke that it is now considering selling off some of its most famous assets....

zephbeComment by zephbe - November 11, 2012, 11:52 am
It is people like you who kept people standing in lines for 6 hours in SC to vote FOR Obama. You lost, suck it up, and move on back under the rock you crawled out from under to post this garbage on here.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 12:49 pm
Barry O's Lies During Fourth Year

“The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”

“Mitt Romney raised nursing home fees eight times.”

“Mitt Romney called the Arizona law a model for the nation.”

“Planned Parenthood provides mammograms”
Spero News

“We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system”

Benghazi violence was caused by an internet video & demonstrations
State Department

“Mitt Romney Plans to fire Big Bird”

“Under Gov. Romney’s definition … Donald Trump is a small business.”

Because of Obamacare, “over the last two years, health care premiums have gone up — it’s true — but they’ve gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years.”

“I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration”

Romney and Ryan will gut pell grants for low-income college students.

My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years.

“I am told that Governor Romney’s new running mate, Paul Ryan, might be around Iowa the next few days,” he said while in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “He is one of the leaders of Congress standing in the way. So if you happen to see Congressman Ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to Iowa and our rural communities.”
House passed bill on August 2, 2012 (Paul Ryan voted yes)

The American automobile industry has come roaring back…So now I want to say what we did with the auto industry, we can do it in manufacturing across America. Let’s make sure advanced, high-tech manufacturing jobs take root here, not in China. And that means supporting investment here. Governor Romney … invested in companies that were called ‘pioneers’ of outsourcing. I don’t want to outsource. I want to insource.
Forbes- Outsourcer-In-Chief: Obama Of General Motors

“You Didn’t Build that”
A few examples

Lies During Third Year

I will walk on that picket line with you, if workers are denied the right to bargain.

In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama said that American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.

I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever
Obama aided Islamic Extremists take over of Egypt/ Libya – Weapons pour into Gaza

Virtually every Senate Republican voted against the tax cut last week

“Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”
Like Raising taxes?

Obama met highly qualified out of work teacher Robert Baroz
He wasn’t out of work and Obama never met him.

GOP Responsible for Obama Jobs Bill Not Passing
Dems Rejected Jobs Bill

You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. So the notion that somehow the American people aren’t sold is not the problem
Gallup Poll: Only 69%

These are obligations that the United States has taken on in the past. Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills.
Looks like it’s been incurred mostly in the years of Obama

Jobs Bill Paid for
Seems not so much Paid for

Then you’ve got their(GOP)which is dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance
Barack Obama, campaiging in Asheville, NC, 10/17/11

I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

USA producing more oil than ever before
Petroleum Insights

Fence between US and Mexico is “Practically Complete”
Department of Homeland Security says 5%

Rich doesn’t pay their fair share.
National Taxpayers Union

Mitt Romney would deny gay people the right to adopt children.
Cnn Interview

Lies During Second Year

Obama claimed the SCOTUS decision in Citizens United v. FEC, “open[ed] the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.

No signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law
Obama Lies to Keep Czars

No “boots” on the ground Libya
Anyone that has worked with the AC-130 gunship can tell you, you need spotters to let aircraft know where the targets are. Usually it is Special Forces, Rangers etc trained for this mission. It’s CIA Agents in Libya on the ground

Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the financial crisis.
Obama Lies About Financial Reform Bill

All Americans WILL BE were, “surprised, disappointed and angry” about lockerbie bomber
Obama Memo

I will not rest until the BP Oil Spill stops
Obama’s Schedule

The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
Campaign and Presidency

If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it

“Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2009.

ObamaCare Fee is not a new tax
Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans

We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.
Obama’s oval office speech in June 2010

Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen.
Arizona Immigration Law

Doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation. Greedy Doctors taking out tonsils for more money.
Claims never documented

The Health Care Package will pay for itself

Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.
Hmm Immigration?

We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care
Democratic Debate Lies

Obama says he’ll save average family $8,000 in gas
Video Proof

I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”
Said during a speech immediately after the Trillion Dollar “Shovel Ready” bill.

I got the Message from Massachusetts
Daily Bail

Lies During First Year

We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.” – caught cooking the books and now changed to ‘jobs supported’ versus ‘created/saved’
AP fact Checker

Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. … That wasn’t me.” – Congress, under Democratic control in 2007 and 2008, controlled the purse strings that led to the deficit Obama inherited.Obama supported the emergency bailout package in Bush’s final months — a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.
AP fact Checker
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 1:02 pm
There comes a time and a point in history which indelibly define a President. Oftentimes the event may not be of major import in the greater scheme of things but the management of it is of such prominence that the success or failure in the handling of the issue is permanently attached to the individual. Such a moment has happened to Barack Obama. His incompetence, inability to lead, prevarications, petulance and immaturity in the debt ceiling crisis have indelibly created an image of abject failure in the minds of a critical mass of people in the United States and around the globe. He will never be able to overcome the portrait that has been etched in too many minds.

Barack Obama's only interest in the debt ceiling debate was to raise the borrowing limit sufficiently to get by the next election, and as a cudgel to denigrate the Republicans. His concern was not for the American people and the impact of overwhelming national debt, nor an impending and inevitable credit downgrade. Rather, he was determined that raising the debt ceiling would not become an issue during the presidential campaign. Thus, spending cuts created out of whole cloth, combined with tax increases aimed at stoking the embers of class envy, were bandied about by his party in order to justify an increase in the debt ceiling of $2.4 Trillion.

The destruction wrought by the nearly $5.5 Trillion (more than a third of the total debt of a nation 222 years old) he will have added to the nation's balance sheet by the end of his term was immaterial, thus no detailed plan was forthcoming from the White House, and no lie or accusation aimed at the opposition was too absurd to tell. The only matter of importance was his re-election; the long-term health of the country be ed.

With this lasted chapter of Obama cynicism he has gone a bridge too far; and that bridge has collapsed behind him.

Little does Barack Obama understand that he has forever branded himself as an incompetent and failure. His narcissism and lifelong history of receiving public adulation will not allow him to comprehend the damage. He does not understand that now few will listen to his speeches, no matter how well delivered; that few will believe what he is saying, as he has lied and obfuscated the facts so often. Many world leaders have already arrived at the conclusion that Barack Obama is a leader that cannot be trusted, the citizens of the United States are beginning to understand that he is a man without a core set of principles thus incapable of guiding the ship of state.

The media, increasingly realizing their culpability in the nation's current state of affairs, has begun to ask more penetrating questions and grudgingly question Obama's fitness for office. Columnists once infatuated with his ability to deliver a speech and skin color have finally begun to admit their error. The Left has become more open in their criticism, as they now understand that the hero upon whom they vested so much hope is a hollow shell.

The Obama Presidency is over. He has abdicated all responsibility to the Congress, in particular the House of Representatives, which has little choice but to assume a role they are not structured to do: lead the country as best they can until November 2012. The American people, suffering under the burden of high joblessness, eroding housing values, inflation and dramatically declining economic growth with no prospect of any immediate relief, are increasingly resigned to the fact that they must focus on surviving as best they can until the election.

Within the term of a president there comes a time and an issue or crisis that define his presidency. Barack Obama has had his and failed. The debt ceiling will be raised because the nation's obligations demand it.   This was never an issue of whether to raise the ceiling, but rather how and what brakes will be applied to the incessant growth of unsustainable spending, in order to sustain the nation's AAA rating and insure a future for succeeding generations.

Barack Obama, because at his core he is self-absorbed, dishonest and without coherence in his personal beliefs, was incapable of understanding the importance of this moment to lead in the debate over raising the debt limit and its impact on a nation facing financial and societal bankruptcy.   The die is now cast. He has made permanent in the minds of a majority of American people the image of a man incapable of being President. There is nothing he can do in the remaining 16 months before the election, particularly as the United States is clearly headed into another severe economic downturn, to change that perception.

emilygComment by emilyg - November 11, 2012, 1:20 pm
It's not racism - it's common sense.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 1:28 pm

One day, a seemingly random piece of bad news -- perhaps a negative report by a rating agency -- will make the headlines during an otherwise quiet news cycle. Suddenly, it will be not just a few policy wonks who worry about the sustainability of U.S. fiscal policy but the public at large, not to mention investors abroad. It is this shift that is crucial: A complex adaptive system is in big trouble when its component parts lose faith in its viability.

Over the last three years, the complex system of the global economy flipped from boom to bust -- all because a bunch of Americans started to default on their subprime mortgages, thereby blowing huge holes in the business models of thousands of highly leveraged financial institutions. The next phase of the current crisis may begin when the public begins to reassess the credibility of the radical monetary and fiscal steps that were taken in response.

Neither interest rates at zero nor fiscal stimulus can achieve a sustainable recovery if people in the United States and abroad collectively decide, overnight, that such measures will ultimately lead to much higher inflation rates or outright default. Bond yields can shoot up if expectations change about future government solvency, intensifying an already bad fiscal crisis by driving up the cost of interest payments on new debt. Just ask Greece.

Ask Russia too. Fighting a losing battle in the mountains of the Hindu Kush has long been a harbinger of imperial fall. What happened 20 years ago is a reminder that empires do not in fact appear, rise, reign, decline and fall according to some recurrent and predictable life cycle. It is historians who retrospectively portray the process of imperial dissolution as slow-acting. Rather, empires behave like all complex adaptive systems. They function in apparent equilibrium for some unknowable period. And then, quite abruptly, they collapse.

Washington, you have been warned.
sully16Comment by sully16 - November 11, 2012, 2:13 pm
Yep, Detroit is a giant sewer, there are some neighborhoods where the people are tight and watch over each other, but once the drugs and gangs get in there it's all over, I grew up in a beautiful neighborhood and watched as the decay began. Now the decay is spilling into Redford, Southfield, and even Livonia, this is in part thanks to Section 8 housing, the sub-prime loans and just plain laziness, When the crime became a problem, many small business owers closed up shop and went west, to Northville and Novi.
We are thinking of going even farther out, to Howell or Pinkney.
Selling our house and getting out of Livonia, it's not so much the people who live here, but the people who come here and create problems.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:29 pm
So sad to hear sully16 !!
   If our incomptent in chief would take all the Billions to Pakistan ,Muslim Brotherhood , Brazil for Oil Exploration and Egypt . Then re-invest it back into America we would not have . People out of work and cities/towns spiriling into chaos. Plus in Green jobs failure Obama is planning to spend billions more on green-jobs fantasies and boondoggles as a snake-oil “cure” for the bad economy. At Forbes.com, Merrill Matthews chronicles some of the past green-jobs failures that cost taxpayers billions while creating no lasting jobs and leaving creditors on the hook for unpaid loans:
even as the president claims he is now laser-focused on job creation, he wants the public to forget all of his previous taxpayer-funded efforts to create those “green jobs” of the future, many of which have been abject failures. Like the $20 million federal grant given to Seattle to weatherize houses. The promise? To create “2,000 living-wage jobs in Seattle and retrofitting 2,000 homes in poorer neighborhoods,” according to the SeattlePI. The reality a year later, “only three homes had been retrofitted and just 14 new jobs have emerged from the program.”

The much-hyped company Solyndra, which manufactures—um, make that “manufactured”—solar technology, has closed its doors and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Only a year ago Obama gave it $535 million in low-cost loan guarantees, touting the company “as a prime example of how green technology could deliver jobs,” according to an NBC-affiliate report. Now another 1,000 people have become unemployed victims of Obama’s job-creating skills. And taxpayers have become victims of another half-billion dollars sucked down the Obama job-creating drain. . .

Perhaps the best example of the president’s job-creation failures is his “green car” efforts. Talk about driving the economy into the ground! The president has set a goal of 1 million plug-in cars by 2015. And so he started doling out taxpayer money, announcing a $2.4 billion program in March 2009. Since the government was a majority stakeholder in GM at the time, the Chevy Volt became a model to be emulated. Except … well, nobody wants it. GM only sold 125 Volts in July—and that’s with the government buying some of them. At that blistering sales pace we could hit, oh, maybe 4,000 on the road by 2015.

National Review's Rich Lowry calls the Solyndra debacle and its unemployed workers “Obama’s Enron.” Obama said last year, “The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.” But if that were true, it never would have needed half a billion of our tax dollars in the first place — tax dollars now lost due to Solyndra’s bankruptcy.

AsThe Washington Examiner notes,

At the time Solyndra received its grant, Vice President Biden said that the Solyndra investment is “exactly what the Recovery Act is all about.” Now that events have proven Biden right — that is, now that Solyndra is a demonstrated failure like the stimulus package as a whole — the Obama administration is wholly unrepentant and plans to continue the waste. “The project that we supported succeeded,” Energy Department spokesman Damien LaVera said Wednesday. So a bankrupt firm lays off all of its workers after blowing through half a billion in private venture capital, then consuming half-a-billion in taxpayer-subsidized loans, and this is a “success?” What would failure look like?

The Examiner was right to decry the $800 billion stimulus package as a failure. The stimulus package contained misguided provisions that ignited trade wars with foreign countries such as Mexico, wiping out jobs in America’s export sector and aggravating the U.S. trade deficit. Its green jobs funding, nearly 80 percent of which went to foreign firms, effectively outsourced thousands of American jobs to foreign countries, at taxpayer expense. Economists Bill Dupor and Tim Conley say that the stimulus wiped out 550,000 jobs.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:38 pm
Fortune Magazine says that in the wake of Obama’s re-election, thousands of banks are at risk, with small banks taking the biggest beating:

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, analysts, consultants and dealmakers have turned from whether Dodd-Frank will be repealed to what it means for banks now that it’s likely here to stay. The overwhelming conclusion: Thousands of small banks will soon disappear.

But the banks are not the only group at risk. Companies in all areas are still having a difficult time with the economy.

John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza announced to the press that Obama’s second term and the full enforcement of Obamacare would likely force him to cut the hours of many workers and add costs to his operation. Those costs would be passed on to consumers.

Here are the latest companies that announced layoffs:

Mills Manufacturing NC – 68 workers laid off -

A western North Carolina company that makes parachutes and other supplies for the military is laying off 68 workers by the end of the year.

TECO Coal Corporation – 90 workers laid off

TECO Coal Corporation is cutting back production and shedding jobs. Company personnel director Paul Matney told the station no mines are closing, but manpower and staffing is being trimmed to match reduced production from the mines. Matney said the layoffs are at several locations and are the result of economic conditions in the coal market.


Energizer Holdings Inc – 1,500 or 10% of workforce

Energizer Holdings Inc said on Thursday that it would cut more than 10 percent of its workforce, or about 1,500 people, as it tries to rev up results in its battery business. A restructuring at the company, which also makes Schick razors, was in the works for months. In September, Energizer said it planned to cut jobs and expenses but until Thursday it had not disclosed details of the plan.

Update: Exide Technologies in Laureldale – 150 workers furloughed

Exide Technologies announced Thursday that it will be idling its lead-recycling operations in Laureldale and laying off 150 workers, effective no later than March 31. Idling means that all of the permits and approvals will be kept up to date and the plant will be maintained in case Exide wants to reopen it later, said Susan Jaramillo, spokeswoman for Exide.

Southeastern Container – 15 workers affected, but plant closing is in the works

Southeastern Container has notified the state (NY) that it plans to lay off 15 employees as the first of three phases toward what the state called a “plant closing.”

The company employs 65 at the local plant. The first wave of 15 are to go out in February, the company’s notice said.

The SCA plant in Barton – Plans Staff Reductions through 2015

The SCA plant in Barton (AL) will begin reducing staff immediately, and the cuts will continue through 2015. SCA officials confirmed they are cutting jobs, at not only the Barton facility, but at locations around the world. They’re calling it a “global cost and productivity program,” and it will be implemented over the next three years.

Yakima Regional Medical Center Washington – 10+ workers

YAKIMA, Wash. — At least ten Yakima Regional Medical Center employees will soon be looking for a job. The cuts are coming from the business department as part of a reorganization. Some workers will be relocated to Arkansas to consolidate and cut costs. Hospital administrators did not want to comment before speaking with employees and the union.

Crouse Hospital Syracuse NY – 70 Jobs

Crouse Hospital announced Thursday another round of cuts as it considers significant challenges down the road due to healthcare reform. Seventy jobs – 23 that were vacant – were cut on Thursday, including nursing, nursing support and non-nursing positions.

Update: DuPont Co in Richmond VA – 64 to go before 2013

DuPont Co. plans to cut 64 jobs in the Richmond area as part of a larger corporate restructuring announced in October. The affected jobs are salaried positions, a company spokeswoman said Friday. DuPont notified state officials through a WARN act notice, which said the cuts would by occur by Dec. 31.

Penn Refrigeration – number of workers idled – 40

A long-time family owned business has laid off practically all if its workers in Luzerne County. The owner tells us, Penn Refrigeration just outside of Wilkes-Barre cut back about 40 employees Friday.

After more than 60 years of business, workers tell Newswatch 16 the company is closing its doors for good. But the owner says Penn Refrigeration is not closing, just cutting back, and blames the layoffs on “extremely bad economic conditions.”

Wilkes-Barre PA – Municipal Worker Layoffs Likely

Mayor Tom Leighton said during the (city council) meeting that the cutbacks in the city’s workforce will extend beyond mandatory furloughs that will likely be announced today. ”We’re going to have layoffs before the end of the year,” Leighton said. “We’ll have layoffs.”

American Coal – 54 workers get layoff notices

A local coal mine is cutting jobs and blaming it on politics. American Coal in Galatia laid off 54 miners on Wednesday, saying President Barack Obama’s re-election is bad news for the coal industry.

“There is no question that the United States coal industry is being destroyed by the actions of Barack H. Obama,” said Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, during the Old King Coal Festival in September.

New Energy Corp. Indiana – Plant Shut Down Idles 40

New Energy Corp. President Russ Abarr tells the South Bend Tribune the plant shut down last week, idling 40 employees. Abarr says an undetermined number of workers will stay on the job as the plant that opened in 1984 prepares to remain idle for at least several months.

Companies Announcing Closings:

The Pizza Inn restaurant on Hughes Boulevard in Elizabeth City NC - Local press reports the closing of this 38-yr-old business

Waltz Pharmacy in Waldoboro Maine - The only pharmacy for miles. Owner blames Medicaid and Insurance payment cuts for hitting his bottom line.

Zac’s Place in Hinsdale IL - Suburban Chicago restaurant whose owner told the press, “sadly we can no longer afford the costs of doing business, so we’ve decided to say farewell.”

Lone Star Steakhouse and Ruby Tuesday at 56th Street in Lincoln NE - CVS Drug Store is replacing one of the restaurants

Career Education Corp – Closing 23 Campuses – 900 Jobs Lost - Most cuts will happen by Jan 1, 2013

Handy Hardware to close its 2-year-old Meridian, Miss. warehouse - 109 workers hit by sudden layoffs

Shamrock Bar at Payne City’s Rose Avenue. in GA - Once-popular local bar closes due to lack of economic growth

Williamson Bicycle Works Closing at 640 W. Washington Ave Store, Other Store Open - Company consolidating from two stores to just one location.

Update: Bakers Footwear Group Begins Liquidating 150 Stores Across the Country - Shoe retailer closing 70% of its national outlets

Vyn-All Pool Products Plant in McKenzie Tenn. - Tough economic times forces pool liner manufacturing company to close

Christensen’s Furniture - Family owned furniture store closes a
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 2:41 pm
With massive layoffs happening due to Obamacare, what other genius plans does Obama have for employment? Know you need to ask your self " Will I be next ?? "
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 3:23 pm
The story below illustrates that there seems to be a HUGE problem in the 2012 US Presidential election: 16 million missing white votes. Where did they go? What in the world has happened to 16 million white votes? Have they already ‘disappeared’ that many Americans via Obama’s NDAA? Was it just a bad ‘white hair’ day for 16 million white voters? We seem to have a problem…

It is being widely reported that there were 117 million votes cast: 60 million Obama and 57+ million for Romney.

This is down 13 million from 2008 total of 131.4 million.

In 2008 it is recorded that 100 million whites cast a vote representing 74% of the total and the minority share of the vote was 26%.

Now they are reporting out of a total of 117 million votes, whites cast 72% and minorities cast 28%.

That means that only 84 million whites voted in 2012 down 16 million from the 100 million whites who voted in 2008.

Extrapolating from that, we have to say that 3 million more minorities voted in 2012 than in 2008.

In 2010 the resident population of voting age (including aliens of voting age) was 234,564,000. This was an increase in resident population of almost 5 million from the 2008 figure.

Yet we are expected to believe that there was a net loss of votes of 13 million representing 16 million fewer white voters and an additional 3 million minority voters.

I mean, this is just NOT BELIEVABLE.

I refer you to a chart of all the Presidential elections from 1932 -2010. [link to www.census.gov]

As you can see, as the population increases, the number of voters increases in every election cycle except when Clinton ran for re-election against Dole. Not a hotly contested election. Kind of a walk away for Clinton. And, even with this….the drop in voters is not near 13 million, and 16 million whites.

This turn out and loss of 16 million whites in a hotly contested election such as this one is absolutely NOT believable.

What is really going on?

The thing is, this is such a HUGE anomaly, it is so obvious, it is so in your face unbelievable, I can not imagine how they could possibly think that they could get a way with it.

Everyone knows, because THEY told them, that over 60% of the white vote went for Romney. So to just DISAPPEAR AT LEAST 16 MILLION WHITE VOTES IS INCREDIBLE.
mrlottery15Comment by mrlottery15 - November 11, 2012, 4:29 pm
You dumb asses cannot when because for two election cycles you put up people for office that even the people that do not follow politics could see through all the twisted lies that Romney was present before the American people. They did not vote Romney because he was the best man standing most voted for him because he was white. I say to you that Right won out. You could not buy this election this time. So continue to side with the hate filled kkk Tea Party now calling themselves The Republic Party and you will continue to loose. No one die and left you in charge. At least not Jesus Christ.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 4:51 pm

According to the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, scores of military absentee ballots cast in the 2012 Election will not be counted. U.S. Military personnel and their families are outraged: “Where the hell is this country’s moral compass?!” stated the mother of a 25 year old Marine who served in Afghanistan.

The military mail service is notoriously slow, and lawmakers have said that it could be almost two months after the election before ballots even arrive to be processed.

“We write to express concerns over another serious failure by the Department of Defense to safeguard the voting rights of our overseas military service members, which we believe could result in the imminent disenfranchisement of thousands,” stated a letter sent to Defense Department Secretary Leon Panetta by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., John McCain, R-Ariz., Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla..

Add to that the incident on October 19th, just two and a half weeks before the November 6th elections, when a transport plane crashed at Shindad Air Base, destroying almost 5,000 pounds of mail – including absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military serving in Afghanistan. Election officials recommended resending the ballots – just two and a half weeks before the elections (bears repeating).

Michelle Malkin reported in an article published at Townhall.com, “Despite a federal law mandating that every base establish a voting assistance office (the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act), the Pentagon reported this summer that it could only contact such offices on half of the military's bases. In Wisconsin alone this election cycle, at least 30 municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to members of the military before the 45-day election deadline.”

Experts, veterans groups, and advocates for soldiers agree that a minimum 45-day mailing standard is necessary to allow sufficient time to get military absentee ballots home. But the federal government has done nothing to enforce the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act. In fact, according to Malkin, “the Obama administration has actively worked against pro-troop voting protection efforts by suing to stop Ohio's military enfranchisement reforms.”

The bottom line is that our military, those men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedom, those most deserving to exercise their right to vote, are being prevented from doing so. This is unconscionable.
CajunWin4Comment by CajunWin4 - November 11, 2012, 5:53 pm
Back in the early and middle 1900s, the city of Chicago had a reputation of dirty politics. Corrupt politicians would stand outside the polls with a stack of money with which they would distribute to voters willing to cast their votes for the politician providing the bribe money.

Finally the practice was made illegal and voters could no longer have their votes bought with a couple of dollars. But politicians, especially the more corrupted ones are shrewd and clever and have found other questionable means of securing votes.

And why should Barack Obama be any different from other Chicago politicians? After all, that’s where he got his start in politics. Why even former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a close friend of Obama, tried to sell Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder when Obama was elected President.

A number of people are starting to believe that Obama is actively trying to buy the votes of millions of Hispanic voters.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies said,

“Despite the claims of the Obama administration that they’ve been tough on illegal immigration and that the border is more secure than ever, the fact is that they have gone to extreme measures and have really stretched the authority of the executive branch to try to slow down immigration law enforcement in the interior to a slow trickle.”

Speaking about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement settlement with 11 illegals arrested in Connecticut in 2007, Vaughan went on to say,

“The administration has chosen not to defend the actions of its agency in doing its routine job. They have put pressure on all of the agents all over the country to avoid arresting illegal aliens.”

Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform pointed out that the Obama administration has been actively working on a plan to give amnesty and citizenship to the 13 million illegal immigrants (most of which are Hispanic). Dane said,

“There’s a massive amnesty occurring behind the scenes. Unless you represent a national security threat, you’ll be let go and given more authorization. That’s the new amnesty plan, declared unilaterally by this president. The president has been using immigration policies, to intentionally try to alter the electorate in his favor.

“The fact is that most Latinos are lower income. They are heavily government-dependent, and tend to vote for the government that gives them free stuff, and it’s typically not Republicans. It’s Democrats.”

According to a former ICE agent, the Worksite Enforcement Program has been slaughtered ever since John Morton was appointed by Obama to be director of ICE in 2009. He pointed out that under the Bush administration ICE agents went after employers of illegals as well as individual illegals. However, under the Obama administration, ICE only targets individuals and has left the employers virtually untouched.

The agent, who did not want to be identified, said,

“The Obama administration and ICE killed the program. They said they’re focusing more on the employer and doing I-9 inspections, which is true. But now, when auditors do these inspections, they encounter workers with fake documents and give the employer a list of documents to re-verify. If they cannot be re-verified within 30 days, the employer is fined or they just terminate the workers. But ICE never arrests any workers. They’re sandbagging the entire immigration process from A to Z at every point possible within the system.”

Now add to all of that the fact that Obama has attacked every state and local law enforcement agency that has tried to enforce state and federal immigration laws. The administration has created health clinics to provide free health care for illegals. Schools have been instructed by the Obama administration to turn a deaf ear when it comes to identifying children of illegals. In some instances they are giving illegals more benefits and privileges than they give US citizens.

When you add all this up, is there any difference between buying votes with cash as in old Chicago or with undeserved benefits and the promise of automatic citizenship? They both use illegal and unconstitutional methods to purchase votes and should tell us a lot about the man behind the purchase.

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