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Urgent: Election Fraud VOLUNTEERS Needed In WI, OH, PA, VA, FL


Urgent: Election Fraud VOLUNTEERS Needed In  WI, OH, PA, VA, FL
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 18:50

…And one lawsuit still pending                                                         

I have not watched any media coverage after Romney conceded the election on Tuesday night. Why bother? It’s just the same old noise we hear every four years. The talking heads spew nothing but meaningless “should have” or “could have” or “did’t do this” while completely avoiding the massive amount of problems with vote fraud in all its forms. Fine, let them talk while we fight.

Also, stop with the “America RIP” rhetoric. That plays right into the hands of the destroyers. It fosters nothing but a sense of defeat instead of I am a warrior and will not give in without a fight. This republic will die if millions fall into the trap of self-defeat and do nothing.

I do have a few things to say about the those who voted for communism, gun owners and Catholics, but that’s for another column. If you think I’m not hopping mad, think again. But, first things first.

Romney seems perfectly content to curl up and “accept defeat” when he should be front and center: “Something is very wrong with the numbers. There are too many instances of problems with machines and I will get a recount in five key states”. I doubt he will, so now it is up to we the people. Not because this is about Romney, but because it’s about once and for all proving election fraud in all its forms decided last Tuesday’s race. It’s about stopping a stinking communist from unlawfully remaining in the White House.
Our fellow citizens in five key states have to force the issue and it has to be done NOW because any challenge to the vote has to be made within a specified number of days and it varies by state. Once the vote is certified, it’s too late. No sporting event, no holiday shopping – NOTHING is more important right now than this fight. If Texas were a disputed state, believe me, even with my plate overflowing, I would be on the front lines. First it starts with the electors and second, stopping Congress from accepting the electoral college vote in January.
Willard has done at least one thing to his credit:                                     

Romney campaign files federal suit to ensure all military ballots count in Wisconsin

No question every effort was made to keep our military from voting because their vote alone would have defeated the impostor, Soetoro: In this shocking video, “United States Navy SEALs reveal that the SEAL community is not voting for President Obama because of his conduct as Commander in Chief”.
That piece of human excrement squatting in the White House allowed four Americans, one our U.S. Ambassador, to be slaughtered over in Benghazi and our active duty military know it. Benghazi is not going away and we have to make it a major issue everyday with the gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress. Benghazi isn’t about political parties, it’s about Soetoro deliberately stopping our military from getting to the compound to rescue our people, period. It was more than doable; instead, four Americans were murdered by savages.
There’s no question illegal aliens have been voting for decades. Remember the news item I highlighted in my last column: Vanloads of Somalians driven to the polls in Ohio? Take money to the bank they’re here illegally. None of them spoke English and were told simply to hit the brown button for the Communist/Democratic Party USA.
Let’s look at two things:

Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Law

“November 7 | Was the election stolen? Remember all those lawsuits by Democrats demanding that any voter identification laws be repealed. Well, now we know why they filed them. They needed to steal the vote in certain key states so that Obama could be reelected.
“Curiously, Obama lost in every state that requires a photo ID to be produced before voting. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID, which narrowly went to Obama include: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounts to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would give Romney 271 electoral votes, enough votes to win even without Ohio or Florida.

“Romney also likely had the states of Florida and Ohio stolen from him, which don’t require photo IDs. Ohio requires a non-photo ID. Would a library card do? Florida “requests” a photo ID, but doesn’t require it. So what happens if they request a photo ID and the illegal alien Haitian doesn’t have one? Do they just count the vote anyway?” * Tens of thousands report voting problems

* Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday

* Massive Voter Fraud In Broward County, FL

* Election Intimidation, Irregularities, And Broken Machines

* Complaints about voter IDs, ballots, long lines in election

* Ohio Voting Machines Only Allow Vote for Obama

* Philly GOP: Court ordered Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems

* Did this dirty trick get Obama re-elected?

* Undercover Video: Obama workers enable double-voting across state lines. Remember those numbers from my last column: “Nationally, one out of every eight voter registrations is inaccurate. Approximately 2.8 million Americans are registered in two or more states. Somewhere around 1.8 million registered voters are dead.”

* Letter from Rep. Allen West to elections stupidvisor; he allegedly lost his reelection bid. You’ll see something that happens every <snip> election: the numbers don’t add up. A prime example of why auditing the vote is key to exposing the fraud.

Now, are we going to just walk away or are we going to step up to the plate and stop another election stolen by massive fraud? We don’t have any time to waste. We need to get the word out. Even if you don’t live in one of the states below, maybe you know someone who does. Networking works.
Approximately 60 million people voted for Romney. That’s a lot of very angry people after what happened. Let us take our anger and put it to work in proving election fraud in five key states. It has to start on Monday and the hell with Monday Night Football.
Volunteers are desperately needed in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.
Here is the plan – can you step up to the plate in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida? Florida isn’t listed, but it will be an easy state to prove fraud.
“Citizen Activists of Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia must IMMEDIATELY contact their respective state GOP party, and (if possible) the slate of GOP electors who were chosen at their state party conventions this past year.
“These two groups have legal standing in the respective states to legally challenge the results reported by the Secretary of State. The presidential voting was NOT for the president/vice president ticket. The voting was for the electors pledged to vote for the ticket in December. Romney/Ryan didn’t lose last night. The electors pledged to them in each of the key states were robbed of their election.
“There’s time to have a recount observed by trained election observers and representatives of the parties. There’s time to get a look at the ACTUAL results of the voting in each of the key states.
“Somebody from each state needs to step forward and run with this. Let me know if you need any advice. HOOAH! Please contact Alan via the PolitiJim contact page.”
People in those key states can call the Secretary of State’s office Monday and find out who are the electors chosen by the GOP last year besides calling the State GOP headquarters. Get your group, organization or just yourself to contact every elector in those states and demand they challenge the vote. Tea Party groups network in those states and get the word out. Stand up and fight. Don’t walk away and allow fraud to steal this election – again. Show that evil waste of human skin, George Soros, we will not roll over and take it, again. Make your voices heard in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. There are millions of you mad as I am. Please, start the fight first thing Monday morning.
If a half dozen electors in each of those five states are flooded with phone calls telling him/her that if the impostor is allowed to stay in the White House four more years, the destruction to this republic and them will be complete. Appeal to their own self survival. We’re tired of cowards. Always be polite, but don’t hold back. If you or your group does this, please let me know. We need to make sure this fight stays in front of the American people. It won’t by the MSM or cable networks like FOX, but we have the Internet.
Did this dirty trick get Obama re-elected?
Leo Donofrio was the first person to challenge ballot qualifications for Barry Soetoro aka Obama and John McCain back in 2008. Leo is an attorney in New Jersey who has educated millions of us about the true definition of ‘natural born citizen’. Leo also brought to light the legal remedy for removing Soetoro: quo warranto. more at http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd559.htm and HAT TIP TO WISH UPONASTAR  on Facebook
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