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Reasons to oust the incumbent...


(( posted with permission from www.bushin30seconds.org ))

1. It appears that the Bush Administration has consistently misled the American public about Iraq, most significantly regarding Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction and his ties to al Queda and Osama bin Laden. More recently, the failure of Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to address abuse of Iraqi detainees has generated international outrage, threatening to further destablize the region and prolong fighting.

2. The Bush Administration's regressive environmental policies have lowered cleanliness standards for our air and water while allowing utility companies (many of whom are Bush campaign contributors) to profit off of the weakened regulations. In 2002, the head of the EPA's Office of Regulatory Enforcement resigned, complaining that the agency was "fighting a White House that seems determined to weaken the rules we are trying to enforce." (CNN, Aug. 22, 2002)
The Bush Record on the Environment for 2004:

3. Bush is underfunding education. The President cut $200 million from his own No Child Left Behind Act, eliminating crucial educational programs for lower income children and cutting professional training for more than 20,000 teachers. Flawed from its very foundation, No Child Left Behind is based on then-Governor Bush's late-`90s "Texas Miracle,"-a program of standardized testing designed to increase pernormance and reduce dropout rates--now recognized as a scandalous failure.

4. The Bush Administration's Patriot Act threatens our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Passed by a post 9/11 Congress, the Patriot act expands the ability of law enforcement to conduct secret searches, and engage various norms of surveillance, including internet monitoring and wiretapping. It gives the FBI access to American citizens' highly personal medical, financial, mental health, and student records without notification or permission, and allows them to investigate individuals without probable cause of a crime. Finally, it permits non-citizens to be jailed based on mere suspicion and held indefinitely in six month increments without meaningful judicial review.

5. Bush's Tax Cuts only benefit the rich. Bush claimed that his tax cut would "reduce tax rates for everyone who pays income tax." He failed to mention that this "relief" program would put half of the tax cut's dividends into the hands of our nation's wealthiest 5%, while 8.1 million citizens in the bottom half of the income bracket receive approximately $300 a year. Reducing tax revenues while doubling the growth rate of federal spending has caused the federal budget deficit to balloon to a projected color=#0000ff$4 trillion over the next 10 years.

6. 3.3 million jobs (93,000 in August of 2003 alone) have been lost since Bush took office--more than the last 11 Presidents combined. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2001-August 2003) Bush is likely to be the first president since Herbert Hoover to show a color=#0000ffnet loss of jobs at the end of his first term. Meanwhile, huge corporations are paying fewer taxes than ever:

7. Bush is underfunding homeland security. While energetic in waging war abroad, the Bush administration has been oddly lethargic in fortifying our defenses at home. Domestic security agencies have been neglected. Police and firefighters have been denied essential resources, and muddled public strategy has only spread alarm and confusion.


THe sad part is I tend to lean right on most issues... I haven't seen a good repuplican since Reagan... NOR have I seen a good democrat.... can't remember since when.

What we really need is someone in office that had to WORK for a living and a congress that actually RePrEsEnTs the people...

Here are my ideas for congressional renorm...

1. No congressperson can have a salary that exceeds the median income level of the people in their state... if they want a raise... EARN it by helping everyone out.

2. Until such time as rampant healthcare costs are brought under control, Congress goes on AFLACK, and pays for it themselves... wanna represent the people, right?

3. Vote for all sessions, AND vote the way the people want... use web polls with SSN's as passwords, it's not about the congressperson's opinion, they are there to REPRESENT the people... make lobbyists go to the states and pay US off!

No matter which party you belong to, if dubya wins again, the party is over for the middle class... THey want 2 classes, rich and poor... if you are not now already rich, they do NOT want you to become rich... this is not the America we used to know... They want us in the middle class to be happy with 7 and 8 dollar an hour jobs with minimal or no benefits.

What we really need is a working class president. I am actually a big military technology supporter and really do NOT like kerry, but I was personally affected by Bush in a negative way and will do my part to preserve the middle class, and if that means I must vote democrat for the first time ever (yuck, but I HAVE to now)... then I will. I voted for his dad the first time, mostly out of respect for Reagan... but I register non-partisan, and at the rate things are going, we are going to turn over a polluted broke and corporate controlled country to our children that is hated the world over...

Bush only won because of FL. Unemployed people will be voting... he's on the way out... and if by hook or crook he gets back in... I can only pray for the future...


Entry #38


whodeaniComment by whodeani - September 18, 2004, 10:51 am

You stated that you tend to vote replublican and you are falling for all those statements listed on that website. Did you happen to see who that site (bushin30seconds.org) belongs to??? Yes that is right, moveon.org. These are the same people who compare Bush to Adolf Hitler and are now running an add basically suggesting that all our soilders in Iraq are surrendering. All I ask you is to consider the source when you read stuff like this. I am sick of hearing that, "Bush lied, people died." If Bush lied then John Kerry and John Kerry also lied and so did of lot of other politicians. They had the same information that Bush had and they voted to go to war.

You want a working class president. Well you aren't going to get that with John Kerry. You can count on it that he will raise taxes and it will be harder on the working class. He will justify it by saying we have to get rid of this deficit so I will have to raise taxes. Too much are made of deficits. They take care of themselves. When the economy goes bad, people lose jobs and the gov't receives less tax revenue and has less money. When this happens will the gov't spend less? Heck no because the gov't never spends less. The only thing that will fix a deficit is a strong economy when people go back to work and the gov't receives more tax revenue and wala, the deficits go away. The economy isn't stimulated by tax increases, but by tax cuts. This is coming from a guy who isn't rich either.

As for the job loss. The economy started going south in late 2000 when the tech bubble burst. That was before George Bush took office. On top of that 1 Million jobs were lost directly after 9/11 so yes jobs were lost but that has to be put in context. Many of those jobs have been recreated since. Unememployment in lower now than it was in the 90's under Clinton.

Things are looking up and will only get better under four more years W.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - September 18, 2004, 12:58 pm
My good job got sent to mexico (along with almost 4,000 at the same facility) Before 9/11/01 ... I was actually in a classroom studying for Microsoft Certification on 9/11/01 (Had I only known about the impending wave of IT outsourcing I would have skipped it).
The only things looking up are the CEO and medical professions...

I don't like kerry OR bush... There are no viable 3rd party candidates... Life is always a struggle, but Bush is making things unfair...

It took a liberal (10 years ago I used that word with the same distain as Rush Limbaugh... ) like Clinton to enact NAFTA, but it took a filthy rich corporate w**re like Bush to exploit it so bad. He is selling out the middle class (of which I am one) shamelessly.

everyone who bothers to vote will pick who they want for their own reasons... the important thing is to get out and vote... at least show that people are still interested in their country... about 50% of elligible voters bothered to cast a ballot 4 years ago... that's a shame. I didn't like gore, I went third party last time.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - September 18, 2004, 5:01 pm
About the "recreated" jobs... They are mostly the same jobs at a much lower salary. I see this in the local factories... Jobs that used to pay 15.00/hr are now paying 8.00/hr...

The website I picked just happened to be one that had most of the stuff on one page...
Winner2BeComment by Winner2Be - September 18, 2004, 8:19 pm
Bush can count his lucky stars because he DID LOSE the election 4 years ago, and He know he did. I hope and pray he is history, Bush did nothing while in office, I even forgot what his vice-president look like; oh I forgot I saw him when Bush went into hiding when he started this unneccesary war.
whodeaniComment by whodeani - September 18, 2004, 9:40 pm
When are people going to get over that election???? Bush stole the election that is all we hear. Well if Bush stole the election I want someone to come with any recounts that ever showed Gore coming out ahead. You won't come up with one. If you believe that Bush stole the election, then at some point you must think he was behind in the count and lost the recounts. HE NEVER WAS AND NEVER DID! Different media outlets went did to Florida and did their own recounts (missing chads, pregnant chads, and otherwise) and Bush still won. And need I mention these recounts were done in heavily Democratic counties which are run by Democrats and Bush still won. Those are the counties Gore wanted.

I remember before the election and I remember it very well. The big talk was that Gore was going to win the electoral college and Bush was going to win the popular vote. At that time I never heard that is would be such a travesty that Gore would win the electoral and not winning the popular vote. But when Bush wins the electoral and doesn't win the popular vote that is so wrong.

LittleoldladyComment by Littleoldlady - September 19, 2004, 9:30 pm
I agree 100 percent. George Bush is ruining our country. Our children's children's children will still be paying for a deficit when we are dead and gone. I make middle class wages but they don't go very far. Mr. Bush as far as I am concerned is a liar and a cheat. I am very disturbed when I see the hecklers put in jail or isolated from him so they don't show what is really going on. He attacked a "low priority country" that had no weapons of mass destruction. I am upset over the 1,000+ service members who were young, intelligent people who have lost their lives fighting a farce of a war which is leading no where. Who so fooling who? Mr. Bush has fooled the American public as no other crook has ever done. The lost jobs, the eroded benefits, the social security mess, the under funded NCLB, The senior perscription plan which is not a plan, I feel as if this man gets re-elected, our country and rights will disappear. A final note, Mr. Bush is the first drunk driver ever to be President of the United States.
Comment by Babel - September 30, 2004, 2:12 pm
Please, whodeani, if you're going to tell people not to listen to democratic spin let's not propogate republican spin. Moveon did not compare the president to Hitler. It was an ad created by a moveon user and entered into a public contest. The ad was not created by moveon themselves and they removed the ad from their servers. It was the creation of a citizen as an entry into a contest.

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