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~ Boson Idea In Saving Planet Earth ~


known HIGS BOSSON theory done tremendous information in dealing everyday in saving human life as we know nor seen.. this higs bosson theory applies the basic principle EVERYDAY PAIRINGS the HIGH 01789 the LOW 23456 the dobol pairs. for me this numbers seems normal every time i used this as my 3Digit guide but beyond that as ignorant dumb person figuring it out ..ehehhe in my dreams that this higs bosson theory is a tool be use as a tunnel from earth to outer space to other planets.. pilipinos dumb dumb dumb me ('o')


dumb dumb as i am i don't have sketch what it may look like... for me it looks like a simple gigiantic "vacuum cleaner".

what does this thing capable of?? as HUGE GIGIANTIC as it is this serves as a weather center for planet earth. it will monitor/forecast weather situations/moteor collison  and the most historic contribution of a dumb pinoy - this tool be use as a vacuum tunnel by capturing incoming typoons/huricanes/meteorites before it will destroy my belove city/place/country. the rising level of water that cause flooding in areas be vacuum put in a container expensive throw it in outer space or transfer it to planet mars or be used as fuel/drinking water in as dumb as it is in the near future this may be a useful tool.. as for NOW dumb pinoy awakes by a dream that nuclear bombs atomic bombs any of this massive destructions is no powerful than a "NATURAL STORM" it cannot be stop... better inventor/scientist/netizines join hands in creating weather center in this we save life of our children-children  .. dumb as i am we will be LOVE...  143 straight Bed

Entry #12


bossOneComment by bossOne - December 8, 2012, 4:23 pm
sure oi...
bossOneComment by bossOne - March 21, 2013, 1:48 am
boss, this HUGE GIGIANTIC weather center will be like super vacuum of sweeping water.?? water in sea/ocean were netizens can easily capture the water vapors w/c is very light and can easily be transported to outer space.. be known that nature WATER is the main caused of this unexpected rises of water/floods in our area.. thus this solved our problems?
"Capture the evaporated water w/c is gas a light matter w/c easily be vacuum and transport to outer space .?? ('o') damb..dumb..dam...daaam..

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