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Pick 4 "All State" Straight List for the Holidays...


Last Edited: December 13, 2012, 5:27 am

How bout that $2.99 straight list?

Here's the bounty from yesterday:

SBIP$999 Arkansas Cash 4 Evening Straight + 4-Way Box 9-9-5-9 9-9-5-9 $3,100
SBIP$999 Indiana Daily 4 Midday 4-Way Box 7-7-7-9 7-7-9-7 $600
SBIP$999 Ohio Pick 4 Midday 4-Way Box 7-7-7-9 9-7-7-7 $600

You see, even when you miss the mark and get a box (IN and Ohio), you still come out on top:)-

How did I happen upon this hit from my list of 92 straights?

December 11th was a "triple" in the Pick 4 date on the calendar, ie 12/11, so I played some of my "triples in the Pick 4" combinations from the straight list for a couple of days.  There are actually only 21 straights from the "triples in the Pick 4" sublist to choose from. And the results are noted above.

Here's the bounty from December 9th, using the Straight List:

SBIP$999    Missouri    Pick 4 Midday    Straight + 12-Way Box    1-2-9-9    1-2-9-9    $2,700

Same principle, I looked at the calendar date, December 9 which is 12/09 in lottery terms. I know that the digit "zero" sometimes takes the characteristic of the number it sits next to, so I played 1299 since it was on my straight list which I like to use as a reference.

The question is: Why are you still looking at 10,000 possible straights in the Pick 4 to find your hit when my straight list has narrowed it down to just 92?

The  Straight List  is good through January 31, so get yours today.

The Straight List has been available most of the year but the price dropped in mid November by 90% as a gift for the holidays for my blog readers at the Club. I'm now extending it to my LP blog readers as well.

This list of just 92 straights for the Pick 4 should pull between 15 and 17 straights each month on average, and of course as shown above, sometimes if it doesn't come straight, you may get a box hit instead.

Check it out at the Club...

Happy Holidays!

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