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A Stolen Presidency – America's Shame


A Stolen Presidency – America’s Shame
Saturday, December 15, 2012 11:59

—– Original Message —–

From: Robert Quinn
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2012 9:45 AM

To America Dec.14, 2012


I do not write for fun. I write for Faith-my Catholic Faith and my faith in America. In Barack Obama, I believe that we have an enemy of both. For the record, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain until he withdrew from the race. Also, many African-Americans willingly accept copies of my letters, as I do theirs………………………………Robert Quinn


“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the office of president; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.” Article II, Section 1. Constitution. In 2008 after exhaustive research computer experts nationwide declared a document which Obama was using to convince America he was a “natural-born” American citizen was a fraudulent copy of a limitedCertification of Live Birth”,hereafter (COLB). It was not a “Certificate of Live Birth”, the proper document for anyone claiming Presidential eligibility. As a former Constitutional teacher, Obama knew he was not eligible to seek the Presidency, yet deliberately pursued his deception. Truth and honesty did not inhibit his ambition. Suddenly, in 2011, when States began insisting on viewing a valid long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” before the 2012 Election, Obama, realizing his COLB would no longer deceive a now-challenging Public, announced that a long-form Certificate of Live Birth had been”found” and he posted it on a government website for all to see but forbade the Hawaiian Dept. of Health to release their copy to Public scrutiny and verification. Obviously, if their’s was valid he would have had no reason to suppress it’s release, but there were two important reasons why he did. First, if it matched his 2011 fraudulent “find”(which experts had already “branded” as another fraudulent document), it would make both fraudulent and, therefore, it had to be kept hidden. Second, if no document existed in Dept.of Health files,that fact must also remain hidden. Simply put,disclosure would mean exposure and exposure would mean expulsion from the Presidency.
WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE.” Barack Obama-to Newsday, Aug.22,2010
Below are short recaps detailing how Obama’s actions clearly identify him as one of the “only people” he himself defines above.Transparency, a virtue he repeatedly claims title to, means (to him) saying or doing anything, everything or nothing if it helps him attain any goal, at any cost….to others. This includes lying, withholding or falsifying incriminating documents, ignoring or rejecting our Justice system, and silence, which, closely followed by ridicule, comprises the loudest forms of Obama’s retaliation when Truth demands to be heard.
Recap 1:Former Army Lt.Col.Terrence Lakin, a Bronze Star recipient and leading flight surgeon charged with caring for the Chief-of-Staff’s pilots and air crews, after going through channels to no avail, twice wrote to Obama, asking for confirmation of his eligibility status since the Colonel had taken an officer’s oath to uphold The Constitution and Obama’s legitimacy was now being challenged by millions. Obama’s response was silence, a silence which hastened the Colonel’s court-martial and dishonorable discharge for refusing to accept a second mid-east assignment until Obama responded to his requests.As I mentioned above, Obama wanted the Presidency at any cost….to others.
Shameless, also,was the conduct of the presiding Army trial judge, Major General Carla Hawley-Bowland, who would not allow Colonel Lakin to introduce any Obama records in his defense “lest they embarrass the president (her words.)- years of faithful military service ended by her disgraceful deference to Obama. Vigilante justice prevailed at that trial. A special reflection: two men had taken an oath to defend The Constitution. One did, and, for so doing,lost his career. The other upended The Constitution and stole a Presidency. Obama’s title should be Commander-in-Thief for he is the only person in our history to use fraudulent documents to secure our Nation’s highest Office!
Recap 2:In previous letters(freely available via e-mail), I had written of how Obama tried to induceKapIolani Medical Center to confirm his birth there, to no avail. Not one hospital in Hawaii will admit to having been Obama’s birth hospital….not one! I hope Bill O’Reilly, karl Rove and Chris Matthews read this for they certainly don’t mention it through their own organizations.
Recap 3:Globe Magazine offered Obama $100,000 to help minority students who desperately(and deservedly) sought aid for higher education and a better life. Also, Donald Trump recently offered $5,000,000 (that’s 5 million) dollars to help others in need but Obama did not have the “guts” to respond to either offer. Why….because each asked for proof of his eligibility. Remember, during the recent election Obama kept “pushing” Mitt Romney to produce his previous tax returns for public viewing. Too bad Mr.Romney didn’t challenge Mr.Obama to produce a valid Birth Certificate. The result could have saved me writing this letter.
Recap 4:Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie stated he personally knew the Obama family and would prove Obama’s eligibility with a copy of the Health Dept.birth certificate. A few days later he said nothing was found to confirm Obama’s birth in Hawaii; no “Certificate of Live Birth” and no “Certification of Live Birth(COLB), the document which Obama said matched his Daily Kos posting.How does one photocopy a non-existant document? The Governor’s fruitless search contradicted Obama’s claim of having provided proof of his status. I must congratulate the Governor for his candid admission that no actual birth certificate of any kind was found.
Recap 5:In May, 2011, when Obama claimed the Hawaiian Health Dept. had “located” his long-form “Certificate of Live Birth”, General Colin Powell (ret.) then told South Carolina University graduates that “he particularly enjoyed when President Obama took out his birth certificate copy and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers. What an uninformed and irresponsible remark for what Obama “took out” was the fraudulent “Certificate of Live Birth” which was previously unmentioned, unseen and never before offered as proof of his eligibility. Remember, in 2008, he said his COLB matched the Health Dept.copy, which would have made both COLB’s ineligibile. Now, in 2011, he claims his newly found long form certificate also matches the Health Dept copy, a clear contradiction. Two fraudulent certificates do not add up to a legitimate one. Since his 2011 copy was also “branded” a fraud by experts, he no longer allows anyone to examine the Health Dept files, including General Powell, whose blind acceptance of Obama’s copy was followed by ignoring an offer of the “Birthers Summit” organization of $15,000 for allowing them three hours to challenge Obama’s 2011 claim and hear the General’s response.
Recap 6:John Jay convinced George Washington to include in The Constitution (art.II) a provision limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens, so no on with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance could adversely influence the Office of President. Obama, by withholding access to virtually every document bearing his name plus criminally offering a false COLB and a more recent false “Certificate of Live Birth” has cloaked his eligibility in secrecy and lies. What Jay feared has become reality! Recently, on National TV, America accidentally overheard Obama telling his subordinates to “find a way around The Constitution,”this from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend it. Well, what’s one more act of deception?
Recap 7:Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona sent a special task force to Hawaii, on their own time and expenses, to verify Obama’s status and concluded that his birth documents were fraudulent, yet, Media representatives attending the presentations of their findings were only interested in questioning his team’s motives for pursuing this isue, not the issue itself.
Recap 8:Barack Obama,a man whose national allegiance is unknown to the American people, is governing us and controlling our military, thereby determining our future survival yet his hidden identity is never challenged by the Major Media. Lawsuits and subpoenas ordering him to appear in Courts with a valid birth certificate were ignored,yet were not reported by them.
One instance, in particular, took place in Georgia where Obama’s attorney actually wrote to the Judge, saying that neither Obama nor their firm would appear in Court, as ordered by the subpoena. Obama had spoken….and the cowering Court wilted. I wonder why the name CZAR came to mind.O’reilly’, whose “unfair and unbalanced” reporting on the Obama “eligibility” issue consisted of sarcasm or suppression, only succeeded in high-lighting his ignorance (feigned or otherwise) of this issue. He adds insult to injury each evening when ending his program with “we’re looking out for you”, for, if he is, he’s “looking out” in the wrong direction. None of the above recaps were reported by the Major Media, but at least they kept us up to date on Romney’s previous years tax returns.


I can safely say that millions, including all on my e-mail list, are aware of Obama’s deception, including many Democrats and Republicans. I pray another Col.Lakin will rise up and also be counted, be he military or civilian. When politicians of any Party casually dismiss this issue with remarks like “this is not a major issue to me”, as was said by some, are they aware of what they are saying? The person acting as President of the World’s most powerful Nation has power to lead America toward prosperity or ruin. Also, to those who claim his eligibility has been authenticated by proof he provided, I remind them that proof consisting of fraudulent and/or ineligible documents is merely proof of fraud and/or ineligibility and Obama is an expert at providing fraudulent documents. Ask him, however, for a valid “Certificate of Live Birth”, his 1981 passport to Pakistan, his original Social Security records, college records-he’ll make mimes chatty by comparison. This is but a portion of Obama’s tales of deceit. The full pain and sorrow which he has inflicted on those standing up for God and Country cannot be imagined. When asked to simply produce valid documents to confirm his presidential eligibility he has answered requests by either submitting fraudulent (as in “criminal”) documents or by forcing over 100 lawsuits to proceed against him, at taxpayers expense. Judges should have insisted that he stop his legal charade and simply produce the documents in question.It would only have taken a few phone calls to comply.Instead, they dismissed most plaintiff’s as having “no standing”, turning a simple “show and tell” solution into an afterthought, resulting in horrific consequences!
In closing,I again suggest that all should contact their elected representatives and voice your concern for Truth and Justice. Let the election boards of every State know that if they certify Obama as legitimately being re-elected they will be condoning his deception for the second time.If they don’t stand up for something, they will have again fallen for anything. Either Truth and Consequences await Obama or Crime really does pay. America, which will it be? Time is running out and we must reset our clocks to FST. THAT’S FREEDOM SAVINGS TIME !
With sincerity and sorrow…………robertquinn
bcc:The U.S.Supreme Court and all on my e-mail list.
All receiving this letter are free to pass it on to any and all

H/T: Sher Zieve

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