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Terry McDermott Was Robbed!


Last Edited: December 19, 2012, 10:36 am

I don't know why I continue to watch "The Voice". Every time I'm disappointed that my favorite singer doesn't win. Well, last night proved no different....here we go again. Dead

Guess it was only "fair" that a girl won since the last 2 winners were guys but it only makes the case stronger that these kinds of shows are fixed some way or another.

Terry McDermott should have won hands down. Besides being as cute as a bug in a rug he had the most crystal clear tone that instantly brought me back to the 80's and the good old rock sound that has sorely been missing these past 2 decades. I could listen to him sing "99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall" underwater then having to listen to Rianna sing "Diamonds" even once!

The greatest moment of the whole season was last night when Terry dueted with Peter Frampton. WOW. What a cool moment that must have been for him. And you know me...the 80's chick,lol....seeing Peter sing with a new up and comer after singing with the Bee Gees (loves of my life Lover:) ....whoa, just couldn't stop smiling watching that and yes, a tear came to my eye. Crying Peter sounded absolutely wonderful after all these years! Love little moments like that!!

Have no doubt there are good things ahead for Mr. McDermott. Told my sister to get writing a tune for him,lol. If it could happen with Freddie Curci it could happen again! Sis and I have always been "entertainment junkies". Should have been talent scouts. (yeah,right but it's always been my dream job!) In 1996 I watched a movie called "Ten Benny". There was a young man named Adrian Brody who starred and I thought to myself while watching that...hey this guy's gonna win an Oscar someday. And a few years later in 2002 he did win Best Actor for the "The Pianist"...the youngest ever at 29 to do so. Predicted another Oscar winner in Benicio Del Toro when first viewing him in "Basquiat" in 1996. 4 years later he won for "Traffic". 

I quit watching most current movies back in the early 2000's and reverted to pretty much old black and whites. New movies today no longer hold my interest. And most of my favorite power-hitter stars of the 80's are getting older and falling into "cameo appearances" which make me sad. There hasn't been an actor to blow me away since Tim Roth. ("Captives" anyone? Love it!)

Today it seems as if anyone can have "talent" and score a gig on TV. Just show up being your most disgusting,obnoxious self and BINGO! a new reality series is born. That's why when I hear a pure singing voice like Terry McDermott come along it makes me pause and be thankful that there still is some real true talent out there waiting to be discovered. It gave me hope again.

But judging from America's taste...teeny bopper twits (like last night's winner Cassedee Pope) are going to be winning those record contracts. Who wants to bet that next year we'll find her CD at the bottom of the bargain bin for $1.50? I won't be digging to find it. But you can bet your bippy I'll be foraging for Terry's old band's CD when he was in "DriveBlind".

In fact I'm going to Amazon right now in search of the real "Voice"!

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Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - December 20, 2012, 10:04 am
I have watched the Voice as well here in Canada, and wanted Terry McDermott to win also...He is a great singer and the best of them.. And the man should have won.. I think that he was jipped of the title as well..

The winner- the lady, Cassedee was in no way in the same league as Terry..

On other talent shows such as the American idol, sometimes when somebody is chosen the winner- they are never heard from again or rarely musically;
so possibly it was a blessing that Terry MacDermott did not win the Voice- But instead chosen as runner up-so maybe he will be heard from alot musically..

When somebody wins a music talent show contest there is alot of pressure on them after that to perform at their top best.. And if a singer is the runner up instead such as in Terry's case, there is less pressure on him= and he can be more relaxed and go in his own direction- you know.. And be one of the best entertainers out there- which I truly think that he is, by the way!

lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - December 20, 2012, 6:10 pm
I totally agree with you,Elizabeth! You're right about less pressure being on him...didn't think of that. I know this isn't the last we will be hearing from him :)

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