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TITAN WEB - Nassau Players


Please be aware of which number houses you play with. Since Gambling may become legal in the Bahamas, a bunch of small web houses has sprung up with no money to pay you if you win. TITAN WEB is one of them. I tried putting in some 4- balls with them and guess what- no matter what four balls I put in, it was sold out!

This means that they are not taking any four balls!


Please just close down..............and hope that on January 28th during the referendum that we don't get the choice to name the webshops we want legalized---you won't be one of them! 



Entry #23


Comment by megami398 - December 21, 2012, 9:36 am
Titan has a great team working with them. Titan Web by the FNM head quarters has the best girls Tammy, De De and even Jeanie's Place all offer fantastic customer service. But the management team and owners have no idea how to run this type of business. For numbers to be sold out on a daily basis is unacceptable and to make matters worse when it comes to being able to pay out wins LORD help you. The old system was a better quality faster and more efficient. Now with this new system the evening win payout are always incorrect this has been brought to there attention and nothing has been done it is frustrating. Not to mention the DSS GAMES are down most of the time. THEY ARE DOWN NOW !!! Man I weak !! But to round to round it off to make your business successful go and meet with some of the original big boy's Percy, Flowers or Island and get there advice on bettering your system the correct payout amounts and how to handling issues in regard to extremely large payouts without affecting the small payout customer. Most smaller web shop when the have a 20 bet or more they would go to a larger web shop who can handle the hits and purchase the number as a back up. Now why Titan Web isn't doing this as yet to avoid the payout issues there having now is still a mystery to me. Hopefully they get it together soon or look into some other business venture with in the previous field.

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