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Note to Gun-Control Liberals: You Can't Handle the Truth


Note to Gun-Control Liberals:  You Can’t  Handle the Truth     

Written on        Tuesday, December 25, 2012         by        David L. Goetsch



As they typically do following high-profile shooting incidents, liberals are  taking advantage of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the Jovan Belcher/Kasandra  Perkins murder-suicide to turn up the volume in the debate over one of their  favorite issues: gun control.  To liberals, the solution to every problem  is the same: pass another law and increase the size of government.  But  liberal solutions do not work and never will work because they ignore some  obvious truths. For example, here is a truth that liberals admit but like to  ignore: The government spends billions on its so-called “war on drugs,” but to  no avail.  Drug use is higher than it has ever been. Immigration laws do  little to deter illegal immigration.  They just create jobs for criminals  who specialize in circumventing the laws. Prohibition did not stop the sale and  consumption of alcohol.  It just created a black market for liquor, a  market that flourished.  New gun-control laws will be equally ineffective,  and liberals know it.

Why are liberals so determined to avoid dealing with the hard truths about  gun violence in America? It’s because they can’t handle the truth. The first and  most important truth that must be faced about gun-violence in America is that  liberals who are so vocal about passing gun-control laws are hypocrites—they are  not interested in reducing gun violence in the first place.  They are  simply pandering to naïve Americans and those poor grieving families of shooting  victims to make it appear that they care and are doing something.

Commenting on the gun-control debate, my business partner and friend, Sean  Aland, likes to say: “In America, we have a heart problem, not a gun problem.” Another way to say the same thing is this: Push God aside and you will have  Godlessness.  Consequently, for liberal pundits and politicians to wring  their hands and wonder aloud what is happening to America is nothing but  theater.  What is happening to America is that we are reaping the harvest  of what liberals have been sowing for more than 40 years, a truth liberals can’t  handle.

Another truth liberals can’t handle is that moral relativism is at the heart  of America’s moral demise and, in turn, gun violence. Liberals have sold America  on the lie that there are no absolutes, that right and wrong are relative  concepts.  According to liberals, what is right for you may not be right  for someone else.  Here is the hard truth about moral relativism that  liberals do not want to discuss:  If liberals are correct that there are no  absolutes and we can all determine what is right, why should anyone be surprised  when a young man chooses to act out his hostility toward the world using an  automatic weapon. Moral relativism is the cause of the breakdown in American  society that led to Sandy Hook and other incidents of gun violence.  This  is the truth, but liberals can’t handle the truth.

Protecting Roe v. Wade is the holy grail of liberalism.  Consequently,  while they weep—as they should—for the innocent children who were brutally  murdered at Sandy Hook, liberals shed not a tear for the thousands who are  murdered in the womb every year under the guise of “choice.”  The only  difference between the children who were slaughtered at Sandy Hook and those  slaughtered in abortion clinics every year is their age. A society cannot choose  to kill unborn babies for the sake of convenience and expect that this heinous  practice will not coarsen the attitudes of people toward human life.  This  is the truth, but liberals can’t handle the truth.

Gun-control liberals support Hollywood, and Hollywood supports  liberals.  Yet every year Hollywood turns out another crop of disgusting  movies that portray gratuitous violence, rape, and hedonism as not just normal  but heroic.  This is also true of computer games—Adam Lanza’s favorite  pastime—and television, yet the filth and violence in movies, computer games,  and television comports perfectly with the moral relativism of liberals.   Liberals in Hollywood regularly turn out some of the most violent movies  imaginable while hypocritically decrying the violence we observe daily in  America. Even a fool would know that young people cannot grow up on a steady  diet of gratuitous violence and not be affected by it.  This is the truth,  but liberals can’t handle the truth.  One final truth liberals can’t handle  is this: it’s not what’s in a man’s hand that makes him a killer it’s what’s in  his heart—or better yet, what’s not in his heart.

Read more: http://patriotupdate.com/articles/note-to-gun-control-liberals-you-cant-handle-the-truth/#ixzz2GDBkWpZM

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jarasanComment by jarasan - December 26, 2012, 11:15 pm
Yup. Self serving and perpetuating, hypocritical cluster of a$$ho1es, all of them, fascists in disguise.

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