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Connect The Dots: What Obama Is Doing To America!


Connect The Dots: What Obama Is Doing To America!
Saturday, January 12, 2013 19:26



Conservative Patriot

Donald Hank

1–Obama shed tears over the death of thug Trayvon Martin, suggesting that whites are mean to blacks. Now blacks are playing knockout games and vandalizing and terrorizing even posh neighborhoods to get revenge against us for this false portrayal of whites as brutal meanies. It is escalating slowly but wait til the food stamps and welfare checks stop…
2–Obama shed a crocodile tear over the dead at Sandy Hook but no tears over his dead ambassador whom he refused to help and no tears over Brian Terry, the border agent killed by a gun ‘walked’ by government agents to the cartels as part of Fast and Furious. The phony tear was the first sly step in a gun control effort, which will appear harmless at first.
3–Obama sent billions of dollars worth of fighter planes to Egypt (see below), which is a virtual Islamic dictatorship.
4–Obama refuses to deport all but the worst illegal alien criminals and has made no effort to protect the border. (see below)
5–There are over a million illegal alien gang bangers in US cities thanks to our lax enforcement. (We are told the illegal aliens are harmless old grannies).
6–Obama has racked up a debt we will never pay down and has made it clear he wants to increase it. The rating agencies like Moody’s, S&P and Fitch have hinted at a reduction in US bond ratings, which would increase interest rates on money we already can’t pay. One percentage point higher and we are toast.
7–Detroit and about a half-dozen cities in CA (the tip of the iceberg) are either bankrupt or on the brink. Vallejo is an example: There is no longer any police protection there.
These cities are a microcosm reflecting America in the not too distant future. So are Greece and Spain, which depend on the EU to prop them up.
No one will prop us up. It is mathematically impossible. Worse, we are the prop holding up much of the rest of the world.
8–A first in what will be a series of moves toward gun control. It’s incremental. No, they do NOT advertise it that way.
So it would appear the perfect storm is brewing:
default on US debt and failure to pay food stamps and resulting riots all over the US. But the economic failure that led to the riots also has led to inability to afford police protection.
People guns in well-to-do neighborhoods who have been denied guns for protection will be at the mercy of mobs, who will steal everything they have, burn their homes, and if they are lucky, kill them.
This is the worst case scenario, but the scariest part is that the US public is now so dumbed down that it looks like they don’t see any of this happening.
Churchill said fear was the worst enemy. No, my friends, ignorance–leading to fearlessness–is by far the worst enemy.
If we had enough sense to fear the treacherous government, we would be able to defend ourselves.
But instead, we continue to trust it and are sitting ducks.
Anyone who wants any form of gun control at this point in time is, well, to put it diplomatically, suicidal! (Note: I did not write ‘an idiot.’ Or at least I deleted it before hitting send…)
Don Hank
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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - January 12, 2013, 11:45 pm
The federal government has been out of control for a hundred years or so pulling power away from the individual states.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - January 13, 2013, 12:15 am
And Obama and his DOJ has taken pulling power away from the states to a higher level.

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