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Casino trip


Well today was my payday so I bought my mother and I breakfast at jack in the box for under $20.  I got a bug in me to go to the casino so we went.  I had $287 left so I went into the casino and sat down at mayan riches and put all my money in that machine.  Lost down to $17 and then hit for $35 and $15 again.  So I played down until I hit the bonus three spins later this is all betting $4.00 max bet.  Then I hit 5 free spins in the bonus and then five free more spins two spins later.  So I had ten spins for the bonus and got four rows of wilds all on the screen and then nothing.  It turns out to be a $420 spin so I get $85 in the rest of the bonuses so I am up $505.  So I tipped the cage cashier $5 and gave mom $100 and then put $300 in my wallet and I had $100 to play.  Well I put $100 in pompiee $5 a spin and played it down to $55 and took it out and quit.  So I went and found mom and she had lost her $100 playing white orchids.  So I left with $355 and I tipped the valet $5 for getting our car.  Then I bought a snack for $7 at the pronto pup stand which is a really excellent corn dog.  I ate two of them with mustard and a strawberry-kiwi juice.  Then I decided to get ahead on my bills next month bye giving my mom $200 for food and $40 for gas out of my money.  So I had $100 left and I put $40 away for my medicine.  So I had $63 left so I gave $23 to my nephew so he could go to arby's that is his favorite restaurant and then I gave $40 to my sister.  Because she was complaining of having no money so I was tired of listening to her nag to my mother.  So now I am flat broke but at least I don't have to give mom money for gas next month or money for food because I already did that.  So I was thinking ahead for once.  Thanks for reading my blog and good night to all.-weshar75

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - January 17, 2013, 10:15 am
That was good gesture on your part. Karma goes a long way.
Comment by GASMETERGUY - January 17, 2013, 10:35 am
I am very pleased you experienced fun at your casino.

I have never experienced any kind of win at those things so I don't go. I drive my wife there, then sit in the car for four hours when our agreed upon time has expired.

I hate those things. Playing the lotto is much more fun. For one dollar I get to dream about all the land I will buy with my multi-million dollar jackpot and what I will do with that land. Then the drawing. Then another dollar and the dream continues.

Not so much with casinos.

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