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Will You Be Ready For Obama's Fall?


Will You Be Ready For Obama’s Fall?
Thursday, January 17, 2013 18:06
Obama's fall will be stupendously important.

The first ever US president, Obama, to be arrested and sentenced to death by SCOTUS for High Treason, for using fake identity documents, will be astonishing and hair-raising.

The USA and world will be left rudderless and without a head, overnight.

The whole world will be given just a few days to find a new direction and will have to hit the ground running.

New flash elections will be set in a matter of months in the USA and Obama's entire government - starting from Biden and going on down - will be put on a long trial of several years so as to sentence all the guilty to jail.

Are you ready?

Have you psychologically prepared for this?

This'll mean you'll have to prepare for a brave new world which starts up again from scratch and creates everything anew. Nothing will be the same any more.

You'll have to be creative and imagine the world as it should be, rather than as it was and as you were told.

First of all, we must imagine a new moral world, which privileges good over evil; Islam is evil. Obama is evil. These notions will have to find their place in this new world.

Sentencing Obama to death by SCOTUS for High Treason is not enough. One must also face the miraculous 666 draw on the day after Obama's election in the Illinois Lottery and access the reality of this supernatural event in terms of Biblical interpreting and attributing the meaning of the Antichrist, which that 666 draw implies upon Obama who is a Satanical being.

If you can assimilate and balance all these meanings and implications immediately, without any rehearsal and preparing, then you're ready and you'll gain heaven.

You'll be alone, because all others will fail at it. And you'll need to spread this good Apocalypse-News everywhere worldwide even to the Far East aka China. Or else you too will fail.

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