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The Fate Of Terry McDermott


Last Edited: January 22, 2013, 6:32 pm

To go from singing a duet with Peter Frampton in everyone's living room to singing at some Texas college football halftime show must be a real let down. Especially when the audience is half empty. Especially when people are stuffing their faces....talking among themselves and looking around for the audience cam to single them out so they can stand up with silly friends and wave excitedly to strangers.(Hey look at me...here's my 15 seconds!) The dis-interest at this gig was so overwhelming I was embarressed for you as you strained to hit those high notes. Don't worry...I'm sure no one noticed. (But Why oh why did you cheat us on your long notes during "Teenage Wasteland"???!!!!!)

I hear there's an album offer...other then that it looks like a lot of "Local Gigging" has been going on.

Oh Terry...what went wrong? lol Pardon my criticism but all during Season 3 of the The Voice I never felt you really "connected with the audience". Tight...restrained...shy...humble...nervous? This was your chance!! I tried to help you like many others (suggesting "ballad ballad ballad" on your facebook page went almost unnoticed until you finally popped up with "I Wanna Know What Love Is" TOO far into the game!)

Look,there's no one more an "80's chick" than me but those tunes just didn't really cut it. One or two..okay...yes you brought back some old memories but it continued on too long. You played it too safe...you should have done more "hip" songs. (Personally I wouldve love to see you even sing something from the 90's!) Ever heard of Nelly? You could've given 'em "a little bit a....and a little bit a....Hot in Herr! THAT would've even sounded more updated then Journey tunes. Yowsah. I don't know....song choices were not always in your favor. And here you have such a wonderful voice (did I forget to mention I'm a HUGE fan??) 

When you and Peter dueted that was the highlight of Season 3!! That brought tears to my eyes!! (even though Peter was a little "self-involved" and seemed like he was solo-ing instead of dueting.) Well,what can you expect I suppose when 2 men are singing "Baby,I love your way". Hard to look into another man's eyes when singing THOSE lyrics.

Could this all have been a case of nerves? Is it because you're now a family man with a wife that you couldn't "let loose" like a real rocker boy? I've got the "Driveblind" album now....your voice seemed a little looser and stronger. Have you smoked too many cigarettes? Hints of Ozzie....Daltrey.....Graham...I hear so many voices in your own. It's so versitile that I wonder...have you found YOUR OWN voice yet? You are like a chameleon...whatever song you're  singing you can sound like the original artist. Will the REAL Terry McDermott PLEASE stand UP?!!!!

So much potential...so much talent. It's all WASTED if someone doesn't pick you up and do right by you. Someone with an ear to steer you in the right direction...some producer that "gets" you and finds you a place on the map. For pete's sakes,young man....you've paid your dues. You were on national television....everyone knew your name. Don't let them forget!

This fan will be waiting for the next chapter.

Hope it's "Once Upon A Time" and not "The End."  Rant

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Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - January 23, 2013, 9:51 am
wow you are a fan of Terry's. I was surprised to not see him on television after the voice.. He needs better management I think..

The guy needs to go on tour and come to Canada!
lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - January 25, 2013, 9:10 pm
You betcha...total fan here even tho it might not sound like it,lol. And you are SO SO right, Elizabeth...he needs a manager ASAP. Before he's yesterday's news..which seems the case already.

I'd hate to see him slip through the cracks...haven't been this excited about a new voice in quite awhile. I wish I was a manager,lol. Or record producer...I'd have snapped him up quick! Terry really does have something special...still feel he needs more voice training but that's something that's easily fixable. The trick would be to find a place where he "fits" since he's kinda old school and that sound went out in the 80's. But there's still a huge market that loves that kind of music.

I know these things take time but time's awastin'! Before you know it the next season of the Voice will be here (in March already!) and he will be forever known as "a contestant of Season 3". ERRRRRR. Really would hate to see that happen. C'mon all you bozo record labels...listen up and sign this man please!
Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - January 26, 2013, 1:27 am
Do you ever see any well known - famous people in Los Angeles where you live? Also when I saw Terry on the voice, I thought what a good looking guy and happy that he was well known in his day in a band back in Scotland.. He reminds me of a younger Paul McCartney in a way;
lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - January 26, 2013, 5:46 pm
Hello Elizabeth....can't say that I have,sweetie, but I don't live in Los Angeles. I'm in Sacramento..a good 400+ miles from there. Even when I HAVE been there I never saw any stars either,lol. You're right...he does look a little like Paul. You can get Terry's album "Driveblind" on Amazon real cheap...it's from 2006. Brand new for like $1.54. His voice sounded stronger back then...think he's been smoking too many cigs since then...caught some videos of him on YouTube singing in some bars and he's puffin' away and that was from last year! I think that's why he has a hard time hitting some of those high notes...that smoke takes the air right outta ya. Are you listening,Terry? LOL

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