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Obama gets notice of default in Calif. court over forgery allegations (Photos)


Obama gets notice of default in Calif. court over forgery allegations (Photos)

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On Friday, a district court in California issued a notice of default on Barack Hussein Obama for the president's lack of response to a plaintiff's birther allegations.  The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California ruled that Obama had until Jan. 25, 2013 to respond to allegations that he had submitted fake IDs and forged documents in order to run for political office.

Due to the default, Dr. Orly Taitz is now requesting a default judgment against the sitting president.  On Feb. 15, the Supreme Court of the United States will also review details of the birther allegations in conference.  However, less than three percent of such cases are typically elevated to more stringent review by all nine justices. 

Is this Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate?
Is this Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate?
      Photo credit:   

Two weeks before the inaugural festivities in Washington D.C., Chief Justice John Roberts submitted Barack Obama's birther case for distribution in conference despite being rejected by other justices.

California court records show that Dr. Taitz submitted the complaint on Dec. 12, 2012.  She alleges that Obama has used several aliases including Barry Soetero, Barry Soebarkah, and Harrison J. Bounel in order to conceal his ineligibility to serve as president.  More specifically, Dr. Taitz alleges that the president used fake social security numbers as well as forged birth certificates and passport records.  In 2008, the Washington Times reported that John Brennan, Obama's current nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency, may have played a role in scrubbing the then-candidate's passport records.

On her official website, Taitz has recently alleged harassment and "black hat" methods due to her accusations against the president.  She said that her email account appears to have been hacked with dozens of messages missing.  Additionally, Taitz said that birther documents have recently gone missing from search engines and the internet.

Further compounding the presidential mystery, revelations surfaced in the fall of 2012 that Obama's ring on his left finger precedes his marriage to Michelle Obama.  According to research by WND author Jerome Corsi, the inscription on the president's ring reads "There is no God but Allah" and several photos confirm that Obama has been wearing the ring prior to his wedding to the current First Lady.  Barack and Michelle were married by controversial Chicago pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Throughout his political campaigns, Obama has always maintained that he belongs to the Christian faith.  However, a 1990 photo while he was at Harvard Law School shows Obama wearing the same ring with the Islamic inscription.  Additionally, the Harvard photo mentions Obama's persistent refusal to answer questions about the ring.

In addition to Taitz's accusations, forensic investigators have found a doctored photo of Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, on the president's official Facebook page.  The photo shows a Caucasian woman standing behind a young Obama.  However, Dunham's right hand (located under Obama's right armpit) appears to be the hand of a black man (perhaps Frank Marshall Davis), not that of a white woman.

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