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Obama SSN Flagged By U.S Government As Fraudulent, Citizen Who Discovered It Now Being Represented B


Obama SSN Flagged By U.S Government As Fraudulent, Citizen Who Discovered It Now Being Represented By Former State Supreme Court Justice
Sunday, February 10, 2013 15:51
Obama SSN flagged by U.S government as fraudulent, citizen who discovered it now being represented by former state supreme court justice
“He’s defending the little guy and the right of the people to access our judicial system.”
                                                                   Former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders
Pastor and former NW Florida deputy sheriff Carl Gallups interviews Seattle resident Linda Jordan:
Carl Gallups:  “How can it be that thousands of people won’t even talk about (Obama’s forged ID) because they are terrified?”
LJ: In August 2011 I decided that I would no longer be on the sidelines concerning Barack Obama and the forged identification that he is using. (I was) following the lead of Susan Daniels, an Ohio private investigator who discovered that Obama is using a phony Social Security number. I built on her research.
I decided that I was one of Obama’s “employers”. I ran his SSN through e-Verify – a government program (designed) to see if your employee is eligible to work in the U.S. It came back flagged for fraud. Very few SSNs come back (with this warning). It takes a whole lot of fraud to earn one of those flags. Barack Obama’s Social Security number earned one of those flags.
After I did that, I published a report and sent it out. World Net Daily did a big story on it, published on September 11, 2011. No one with authority or responsibility did anything about it.
I sent a letter to Barack Obama (describing my findings) and advised him that I needed him to verify his SSN and birth date. I am required by law to do this as one of his employers. Needless to say, I never heard back from him.
I decided that when the 2012 election came around I was going to challenge the placement of his name on the ballot because he is using forged identification – a forged birth certificate and a fraudulent Social Security number.
I filed my case to keep him off the ballot (in August 2012). The presumption of truth that our (Washington state) secretary of state affords its candidates’ claims of eligibility have been undermined by (Obama’s) use of forged ID – wouldn’t you say? So that was my claim in a nutshell.
I filed (my claim) on August 27, and it was dismissed on August 29. I filed an appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court on September 4. The claim was dismissed as frivolous on December 4.
The state attorney general had asked the court to dismiss the claim as frivolous, then asked for almost $13,000 in sanctions, basically penalizing me for accessing the judicial system, which is my right.
CG: What is frivolous about presenting hard-core evidence that we probably have an illegal usurper as the commander-in-chief? What’s frivolous about that? 
LJ: In any other case, the evidence I presented would at least demand an evidentiary hearing. When the authenticity of a document is called into question, the rules of evidence demand that the original be produced. In any other case, the original would be provided, but not in this case.
CG: In the last several days something else has happened?
LJ: Eight or nine days ago a friend suggested that I contact a lawyer named Richard Sanders. He sat on the Washington State Supreme Court for fifteen years, and I have admired him very much. He is pro-life, a staunch defender of the Constitution, and he truly believes in the right of the average citizen to access the courts. He really does not like to see the heavy hand of government come down on someone like me who is representing themselves.
I emailed him and he responded. Three or four days ago he called me and said “I would like to represent you”. He proposed to charge me a very fair flat fee. I accepted and he went to work right away. Yesterday he submitted a motion on my behalf to the Washington State Supreme Court.
He discovered that the state had actually billed approximately $3400 for this case, but the attorney general was asking for almost $13,000.
CG: What they have done to you is absolutely wrong. Now former Justice Sanders is willing to defend you. It is my understanding that you are the first civilian that he has ever defended since he’s been off the Supreme Court bench. Is that correct?
LJ: Yes – I am the first person he has represented in seventeen years. He was that moved and motivated. Now, I can’t tell you what he thinks about the forged documents for Obama. I can tell you that he’s defending the little guy and the right (of the people) to access our judicial system and to request an evidentiary hearing.
I contacted over twenty lawyers in the last year because I realized that I was in over my head and I was getting really tired. None of them would touch me. Some of them insisted that I not even use their name. (I was made to feel) that I was unclean. These guys will represent a pedophile or a murderer, but they will not represent a conservative?
CG: Yes – somebody who’s asking about documents that are proven to be forgeries.
I believe that we’re also dealing with a deeply spiritual issue here. How can It be that all the media is terrified of him, all these attorneys are terrified, and judges are terrified of him, courts are terrified of him - and congressman – I’ll bet you congressmen haven’t done a thing. Five hundred and thirty five members of Congress – they’re terrified of him. That is spiritual Linda – that’s got to be spiritual. How can it be that thousands of people won’t even talk about it because they are terrified?
Linda, we are going to keep praying for you. Thank you, and keep us updated because the listeners here on the Gulf Coast are deeply interested in what’s happening in your case. God bless you.
More information on Pastor Carl Gallups:
Carl Gallups is the long-time senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida. (Since 1987)
He is a conference leader, evangelist, youth evangelist, talk-radio host, talk-radio and television special guest personality, newspaper columnist, video and voice-over specialist, radio program producer, documentary video producer, and member of the Board of Regents for the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.
Carl is one of the founders and a major contributor of video teaching material to the viral and world-famous PPSIMMONS You Tube channel. Carl is also a former Florida law enforcement officer. He is a graduate of Florida State University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
Carl is the best-selling author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith

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2013-02-10 15:46:52

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emilygComment by emilyg - February 10, 2013, 6:51 pm
Very interesting.
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - February 10, 2013, 8:05 pm
It is very interesting to say the least.

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