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Dreamed of 917


When I first started playing the lottery , back in , I can't remember, but, I played, 917, just because, I liked the way it looked, and it hit, I won $350.00.Partyso, it became a pet number.

Several years ago, I was traveling to Haiti with my grandkids to see my mother -n-law for a family gathering and BBQ.

I stopped on my way to play my number, 917, the grandkids were in the store, picking up all kinds of snacks and running around, etc.  It was just me and the 3 grandkids, so I had my hands full, I think they were ages, 7,7, & 9.

I got to my mother in laws, checking my numbers, what do you know, 917 hit for the midday, looked at my tickets, I didn't have it, OMGRant

Anyway, I always relate that number with her,whenever she came to Missouri, it always hit? yesterday, when I took a nap, in my dream, she was talking to me, I rarely dream of numbers.

Midday I played, 917, forgot all about it for the evening, and it hit as 971.

Just thought I would share that, since I woke this morning with it on my mind, maybe it will repeat soon?

R.I.P. Charlsie.Blue Angel

Good Luck.

Entry #648


MzDuffleBagladyComment by MzDuffleBaglady - March 1, 2013, 3:51 am
719   2/28/2013   $50

Wow, I played it last night, got a quick pick, 617, flipped the 6 to a 9, played, 917, today it hits as 719.
Last night I played, 987, another one of my favorites.
Good Luck.

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