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Sum It Up - NC (FYI)



OK Pick 3 and Pick 4 players, the lottery is excited to give you a preview of the new SUM IT UP play feature. Choosing to add SUM IT UP to your ticket for day or evening drawings gives you another way to win prize money. If the sum of the numbers you pick matches the sum of the numbers drawn, you win!

So, how do you play with SUM IT UP? The first step is the same as before. Choose your numbers, and your play type: Exact, any, exact/any (also known as 50/50), or combo.

Next, give your playslip to your lottery retailer and ask for SUM IT UP to be added to your ticket. Note that SUM IT UP will be added to each play you’ve filled out - A through E - on your playslip. Adding SUM IT UP costs an additional $.50 for each $.50 play and an additional $1 for each $1 play.

Finally, sit back and watch the afternoon or evening drawing your ticket is for. By adding SUM IT UP, now you’ve got two ways to win: either by matching the winning numbers according to your play type, or when the sum of the numbers drawn is the same as the sum of the numbers you picked.

How much can you win playing with SUM IT UP? Pick 3 players can win as much as $500 and Pick 4 players can win as much as $5,000. It depends on whether you play for $.50 or $1, as well as the odds of winning for your sum. The odds of winning SUM IT UP vary depending on the numbers you play. For Pick 3, matching the sum of the winning numbers wins a prize of $3 to $250 on a $.50 play, and between $6 and $500 on a $1 play. For Pick 4, matching the sum of the winning numbers wins a prize of $4 to $2,500 on a $.50 play, and between $8 and $5,000 on a $1 play.

More details about playing Pick 3 and Pick 4 with SUM IT UP are available in how to play brochures at lottery retailers. In those brochures, you will find complete prize payout charts and information about odds. Additional information will also be available on the lottery’s website.

The SUM IT UP promotion will run from Feb. 24 through May 25. Once it begins, it’s a feature you have to ask for to win a prize for matching the sum. When your ticket is a SUM IT UP ticket, it will display the words “SUM IT UP” and the sum of your numbers. Best of luck!

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