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Illegal Aliens


Last Edited: April 19, 2006, 4:18 pm

Illegal Aliens.  There is so much volatile energy going on about them.  Who are they?

Before I say anything about them, who am I?  Who am I to even talk about them.

Suffice it to say, that I could have been one of them; but instead, I chose to be a legal alien.  I chose to immigrate the right way.  The wait was long, about 17 years.  But so what if the wait is long.  That makes the reward of U. S. citizenship even more precious.

I am now a proud American citizen and love dearly the country of my choice.  I believe I have achieved or am achieving the great American dream which millions and millions of people all over the world can only dream of.  Among other things that I have achieved, I am a licensed attorney, admitted to practice law in a state jurisdiction, some U. S. district courts, AND the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am proud of things I achieve because they are the fruits of honest labor.  Believe it or not, it is simpler and easier to do things legally than illegally.  Besides, you sleep better.

So, who are these illegal aliens?  We have 2 kinds, basically:  The "documented illegal aliens" and the "undocumented illegal aliens".

The documented illegal aliens start out as legal aliens.  They are those that come to the country with non-immigrant visas, such as tourist visas, business visas, student visas, etc.  These are temporary visas with expiration dates.  Holders of these visas choose to stay in the country beyond the expiration dates of their visas, thus becoming the "documented illegal aliens".  Government has a record of them.

On the other hand, the undocumented illegal aliens are those hundreds we see everyday crossing the U. S. borders, by foot or otherwise.  They avoid going through customs because they have no "documents".  Sometimes they are caught and summarily sent  back where they came from.  Some get through and blend with the population.  The undocumented illegal aliens are also the hundreds of boat people who attempt to reach U. S. shores.  They come from near and far, as we sometimes see them unfold on live television.

Sometimes, the U.S. government gives special treatment to some illegal aliens for some special reasons after careful study (or maybe powerful lobby?).  We see this with the boat people coming from Cuba, for example. 

Emotions are presently high as the U.S. government is trying to find a solution for those that are already here, and those coming from south of the border down Mexico way.  For me, security for the country and compassion for them is top on my list.  Any suggestions?


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