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Socialism — The Ultimate Parasite


Socialism — The Ultimate Parasite

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Monty Pelerin / EconomicNoise.com

Socialism is here — temporarily. It has pretty much taken over the developed western world. Europe has been suffering from its consequences at least since World War II. The US is now feeling the pain of this destructive system.

The Nature of Socialism

Socialism’s siren song is sung by those desiring personal power. It captures the weak-minded rather easily.

Political success is always temporary, because Socialism is a pernicious, destructive force. It is neither an economic nor a social system. It is a political scheme that contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Unfortunately its demise is slow, diminishing and impoverishing the lives of those generations upon which it is imposed.

Socialism builds nothing. It only destroys. It destroys pride, motivation and drive for achievement. It destroys capital and savings and reduces the standard of living. It rewards mediocrity. People are not raised up but beaten down.


obamaBarry Detective

Socialism is parasitic. It needs a capitalist host in order to appear to work. Previous wealth accumulation is Socialism’s food supply. Poor societies where Socialism takes hold become poorer. Rich societies appear to succeed for a while because prior wealth is consumed to support the scheme. Ultimately, all societies become poorer as a result.

Socialism, once established, appears immune to political rollback. Its dependents live in the moment and seem incapable of understanding what will happen if the scheme continues. Hence, they refuse to vote against their class, interests or benefits in spite of assured greater future suffering. There is no known cure for this disease. History has never seen it reversed via the political process.

Socialism progresses until the food supply runs out. That is, until whatever remains of a functional economy (and perhaps society) collapses from its depredations.

Cracks Are Appearing

Ultimately Socialism collapses as a result of its own failures. It results in death for the economy that adopted it. It can result in the fall of governments and societies. All of this occurs slowly, almost imperceptibly. Little of what occurs is related back to the unworkability of the system itself. Instead, changes are viewed in the moment, as if they are current political issues rather than inevitable outcomes.

The recent rhythm of French politics provides just such an example. French President Hollande is reported to be the least popular French leader in 32 years. According to Zerohedge:

While the people of France voted for a wealth distributing tax-the-rich Socialist President, it appears Francois Hollande is not living up to his electorate’s hope for change as his policies are increasingly seen as simply more of the same as Sarkozy – “often the line is very fine between the two but Hollande must maintain the idea that he is more left wing.” Hollande’s popularity fell in February, leaving him the most unpopular French leader since 1981, a TNS-Sofres poll showed. More than two-thirds of the French and 44% of those who voted for him say they’re disappointed with him. It seems Socialism is not all it’s cracked up to be as “the [European] obligation to cut deficits and spending and make reforms… exactly what Sarkozy had to deal with… annuls all measures Hollande wants to impose to boost jobs and growth.” Hollande has restated his promise to reverse the unemployment trend and chanted his three mantras “constancy, endurance and hope,” but, as Bloomberg notes, the last five opinion surveys have been disastrous for the self-proclaimed ‘normal’ president but have no fear as the ‘old fuddy-duddy’ is going back to the people in a charm offensive.

Zerohedge covers the disappointment of the electorate in Hollande’s performance. Like most electorates, they don’t realize that there is little Hollande or anyone else can do to prevent the failures inherent in a flawed system. Zerohedge says as much with “It seems Socialism is not all it’s cracked up to be …”

continue article at EconomicNoise.com:


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